Delay with my current story

fix-slow-computerIn case you’re wondering when the next chapter of Wonder Woman in Moscow is going to be, I thought I’d explain I’m only just back up and running. I had a work committment, then my computer died, and then I got ill again – I’m okayish now – I know I do get ill quite a bit!

EDIT 16/09/18: I haven’t been getting the time to write, or my concentration has been lacking. However, I’m determined to write this story!

Thanks for your patience!


Coming Soon… (hopefully)

I wanted to put up a message just let any regular visitors know I haven’t given up on this site. The next story will be Wonder Woman in Moscow. I am having trouble finding the time to write it, but you should see the first chapter within a month from today…

Update: I can only apologise for not delivering the first chapter yet. I shouldn’t set time frames! I am working on it…

Reader Poll

Hello Dear Reader,

If you’ve read one or more of my stories, I’d appreciate you answering the following questions (it doesn’t matter, if you can’t answer all the questions, I’m still interested):

  1. Which is your favourite story and why? (If you’ve read more than one story, ranking them in order of preference would be great.)
  2. Who is your favourite villain (or villains) and why?
  3. Who is your favourite ally (or allies) and why?
  4. Do you find the writing style entertaining?
  5. How could I improve the content or website?

Thank you.