Wonder Woman in Tokyo #2

It’s been a long, long, time since I updated the current story, but part two can finally be read by clicking here.


One thought on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #2

  1. Posted also within the story, but then I noticed that here is more easily spotted. Please Author tell us whrere do you prefer we post our comments to the story.

    GREAT second chapter aimed to prepare the real action in the following ones: PERFECT appetizer with still a lot of things / characters to be properly addressed / evaluated

    Main one: is really Marsha such a “unuseful bimbo” or is she just playing possum before striking ? This could be her external surface but she could be hard as nails when needed (no pun intended with reference to her broken nail). Don’t forget she is a former IADC operative agent ….

    Best moment of the chapter: discussion between an enraged / bitchy Marsha and a very calm Diana (the scene really looks like coming out of the tv screen as part of the show).

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, rooting for a faster pace but as always I’m not pushing anyone, Author take your time ….

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