Wonder Woman in Boston #2

Wonder Woman in Boston #2 is now ready to read: click here


4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Boston #2

  1. First of all thanks: it looks like you put every effort to keep up with your “a regime” pace: one chapter a week. Thanks !!! Then, you were right, great chapter of build up the action. Also a lot of reference and similarities to the show in terms of atmosphere. In my opinion a story who would fit perfectly in season 3 of the show. In the end one consideration on names: all the three youngster have. Particular one: jock , justin casey. But is petra maki the one who is more a question mark: maki reminds me a genre of shark (mako) and petra sound very similar to rocca (petra and rocca could both be translated with rock). Who knows if this means something ? The Author of course. He’ll let us know in due time.

  2. Thanks for your interesting feedback. Yes, I am trying to make the updates weekly (or within two weeks). I get what you mean about season 3 with its focus on teenagers. I like what you said about Petra; interesting thoughts…

  3. Hi, just to touch base and to hope that everything is ok. I hope that the lack of updates is due to other good things on the working and personal life and not to problem of any sort. All the best !!!!

  4. Hello,
    Yes,things are fine – thanks for asking – I’m sorry I haven’t updated; I’ve been dealing with pressures elsewhere. For the last two weeks I’ve had a small remainder of chapter three to be written, but haven’t had the time to do so. Don’t worry, I’m on the case!

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