Wonder Woman in Boston #3

Better later than never, Wonder Woman in Boston #3 is now available to read. Sorry, it took so long, I know it can spoil the flow a bit. Click Here


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Boston #3

  1. Repost. but I think it is easier for other readers to find comments on the home page

    First of all thanks for the update: from your words we understand that you have your hands full with other things so your dedication is even more appreciated. As you promised, action is starting in this chapter. Some comments:
    1) atmosphere is really from season three 2) Diana attitude is always to protect innocent people 3) females (Petra) continues to confirm to be deadlier than the males and more the brawn than the brain 4) in this story who knows who is really dead and who is only for a while. Thanks again

  2. Hi,

    I get the season three comparison; although it wasn’t a conscious intention. I’m glad Diana comes across as she does, as I have a firm idea of who she should be, and I established specific rules (some quite subtle) when writing her. It’s no secret, I like writing strong (and intelligent) women, but I think Petra maybe the first truly psychotic female. There’s are many strands to this story, which will hopefully become clearer, later, and be most interesting for regular readers like yourself.

    Thanks for your feedback

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