Wonder Woman in Boston #4

Finally here, Wonder Woman in Boston #4: click here


4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Boston #4

  1. First thing: thanks for taking the time to update (i was starting to fear that with “next friday” the Author meant july 11 ….) . Then: it looks that the plot took an upward move (involvement of secret services vs a mad scientist with a group of kids as henchmen). Let’s see … Diana as always very ironic (the dialogue with the nurses) and Wonder Woman very in the character (always protective and caring for everyone). Curious about why the zombie are weaker (if i understood correctly) when the prof is gone … And finally: supercurious about the next story that looks already to be taking shape in the mind of the Author !!! I would like to be a distance mind reader !!!

  2. Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback. There’s going to be a big reveal in the penultimate chapter that answers your zombie weakness question.

    BTW, I copied your comment to Boston #4. I’ve realised it’s nice for readers be able to view comments left, after they’ve read the chapter.

  3. Can’t wait !!! So do You prefer comments to be posted after the chapter ? Fine I’ll do as instructed.

  4. Yes, but I’m happy wherever I get them!

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