Lynda Carter comments on the latest Wonder Woman


Skin Wars said: Now I’ve seen you and Gal Gadot communicating on Twitter over the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — what do you think of her new Wonder Woman costume?

Lynda Carter: “This is an artistic vision the director has and I wish them well in it. I think she looks great.

It’s not an easy role to play, because the temptation is to play the superhero. But you cannot play that, you have to play the woman and not the superhero. The costume does that.

I just hope they don’t make her too masculine. There are so many wonderful things about women. If any woman really was a superhero, she would also be imbued with fairness and a sense of life equilibrium. I hope they have included a richness in the character.

Skin Wars: Will we see a cameo from you at all in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”?

Lynda Carter: “No, but I’ll be the first in line!”

I agree with Lynda; I think there is a danger in Wonder Woman losing her femininity, visually, and in personality, but we’ll see…

3 thoughts on “Lynda Carter comments on the latest Wonder Woman

  1. I totally agree and furthermore Lynda’s shoes are not easy to full !! Now, if possible, one question about the progress of your next work: when can we expect the beginning of the Lost Siren story ?

  2. Sometime in September. Before then, I’m going to do a profiles page to help readers know who’s who with recurring characters. It will also contain some extra background that may be missing in the stories. This will be an ongoing process that I add and change, rather than complete – I just want to get the bulk done before another story.

  3. The Author works, the Author decides !! And until now his decisions have been right !!!

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