New Supergirl TV series rumoured

Laura Vandervoort as Kara in Smallville.

According to E Online, DC Entertainment are looking to secure a network for a new Supergirl TV series. Smallville producer, Michael Green, is reported to be involved in the project, which raises fan hopes of Laura Vandervoort returning for the title role.

I like Supergirl, but wasn’t overly impressed Laura Vandervoort as Kara; She’s beautiful with typically modern bland blond attitude. If this series does go fourth, I hope they cast a beautiful actress with a slightly alien look about her – I admit I’m describing Helen Slater, really…



5 thoughts on “New Supergirl TV series rumoured

  1. Good news, it is Always a positive things that superheroines movies / series are produced. Sooner or later time will come for our favourite Amazon !!!

  2. Agreed, I hope it happens and does well.

  3. Hi, just to touch base and to show our faithful support to the Author while he is working for us ! Thanks !

  4. When I started reading the answer I was afraid that things weren’t going well for your personal life and I was sorry. Then I finished reading and i was relieved. Bye !!

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