Sorry, behind schedule again!


I’m aware I’ve been predicting a new story for about two months now. I’m not finding the time or the right frame of mind to write. I have started The Return of the Lost Siren, but I better not say when it’s going up, except for it will be on a weekend. I haven’t given up; it will come along in the end, all being well. However, I have decided to drop my character profiles, as I haven’t even the time for the stories. Thank you for understanding.


3 thoughts on “Sorry, behind schedule again!

  1. Patince is godly!!

  2. I agree: do not worry. We’ll wait !!!

  3. Thanks for understanding, both of you. It’s possible I might write another Wonder Woman adventure before the Siren story, now, as this would be better in the spring/summer months, and I have a winter Wonder Woman story on my mind. It all depends on when I get it together…

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