Wonder Woman 77

If you’re bored of waiting for me to put up my next story, the good news is something likely to be much better will be out next year. DC are producing a new comic based on the 1970s Lynda CarterTV series, called Wonder Woman 77. Sadly for me, I haven’t been hired to write it, but rather established screen and comic book author, Marc Andreyko, known for Manhunter. The art will be by Nicola Scott, and based on the above picture, alone, it all looks very promising.

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman 77

  1. I share your thoughts: comic good news, you not hired bad news ….

  2. Hi, just to touch base, to show that your readers are still alive and faithful and to wish that the “quiet period” is due to other commitments (for whom we wish you good luck) and not to problems.

  3. Hi, I’m fine. Good news is I’m working on a new story: Wonder Woman in Antarctica, is coming soon…

  4. yes !!!! i’m chilling ….

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