Wonder Woman in Antarctica on hold

I just thought I better explain why haven’t posted final chapter of the Antarctica story. I came near to completing it when I realised I didn’t like what I was writing – it just didn’t flow – and I began again (this is the first time I’ve done this). On top of this I also have an eye infection which giving me grief. I better not say when I’ll complete it, but I’m happier with this second draft so far…


6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Antarctica on hold

  1. First of all let me say that. I am so sorry for your eye. Get well soon and all the best !!!! Then one question : are you rewriting the Last chapter or the whole story ? Of course you are the one Who has to like your work but in my opinion the story is very good so far !!!

  2. Thanks. I’m only rewriting the last chapter. When I’ve publish a chapter, that’s it really, for better or worse…

  3. Hi just to check how is your eye infection going ? I hope everything is fine …. Final chapter wise, we’ll wait, we know it will be worth …

  4. Hello there, I’m fine now, thank you. I’m confident I’ll finally deliver the conclusion to this story by the end of the week – fingers crossed…

  5. Yay! Finished it, will be putting it up, tomorrow…

  6. Great !!!!!

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