New Supergirl Series Update

Supergirl Melissa BenoistOkay, I know there’s been a lot coming out about the new Supergirl TV series, recently. They released a photo of Melissa Benoist in her costume (above). As many have said, it is in the style of Man of Steel. It’s also nice to see the original Supergirl, Helen Slater, and former TV Superman, Dean Cain, playing Kara / LInda’s Earth mother and father.

I must admit, based on the released pictures only, I’m not overly impressed with Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, nor Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I hope they will be good, though…


6 thoughts on “New Supergirl Series Update

  1. We all hope of course , but i share your view: it will not be easy to beat the flavour of the 77 series. Honestly: i know only two works that did it: our Author Who is able to capture that flavour adding more modern day action, and the other one is the digital wonder woman 77 series that startedcwith the right foot (Even if we have to see how it will continue)

    • Absolutely underwhelming choices for both the new Wonder Woman and Supergirl. The costumes leave alot to be desired. Gal Gadots costume gave me a Xenaesque vibe and the Supergirl uniform being dark and having thigh high boots is just……ugggh.

      • I’m not keen on the Xena look either – Wonder Woman shouldn’t be copying that character. I prefer Supergirl bare legged – I mean red tights don’t seem very Kryptonian, somehow – and blonde like she’s meant to be…

    • Thanks, I appreciate that. I still haven’t checked out 77, but may do now…

  2. Hi, just to touch base, to check if everything is fine and to have an update about the ongoing projects. And last but not least to show our gratitude to the Author for his commitment !!

  3. Hello,
    I’m currently occupied in other areas of my life, but noting has changed, The Return of the Lost Siren will be up soon. As ever, thanks for your continued interest…

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