Dear reader and visitor you may have noticed the snail pace of the updates on this site for some time. As much as I do not like to concern anybody, I feel I need to explain that both a close relative and myself have been struggling with health issues. It’s impact has completely robbed me of the time and energy to progress with these stories.

However, I have not given up. The Lost Siren shall be completed and lead into the next Wonder Woman story. For updates, please, check primarily on weekends.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear bad news from your side, i sincerely hope things are improving and will Be solved for the good. As much i like them, stories can wait. All the best !!!!

  2. Wish you and your family the best. I will continue to check out your site for updates to your very interesting stories!


  3. Thank you, Ksire_99. I’ve always been amazed and honoured by anybody taking the time to read my stories and return to the website for more.

    On a sombre note, my circumstances have changed from caring to grief, as I’ve lost the relative I spoke of.

  4. No !!!! I am so sorry for you, we do not know each other in person but please accept my most sincere condolences …

  5. Sorry for you loss.


  6. Hi, really just to have news (hopefully good ones) from the Author and his life. All the best !

    • Hi, I am still here, thank you. I know it must seem like I’ve given up on this project, but I haven’t, it’s just my life is going through such a weird, awful turmoil, and I don’t have the time or concentration to write. Having said that, I’m halfway through the last chapter of the Siren story…

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