New Wonder Woman Trailer

From Comic-Con. I have an open mind about the new movie. I did feel the first tinge of excitement when watching the trailer, but I don’t want to raise my expectations too much.


10 thoughts on “New Wonder Woman Trailer

  1. Just watched, maybe this could be the beginning of a good series of movies and TV series. Strange (world war 1) but for some reasons promising. More Thoughts to follow

  2. Looks interesting. The use of WWI could be because that War it is hard to place the blame of the war on either side. Both had culpability in a war which could lead to Wonder Woman deciding her mother was right and leave the world of men. Whereas, WWII had a good vs evil part to it. Another small note of the movie being set in WWI, is that it would have been easier for her to have gone un-recorded during that time, versus WWII.


  3. Thanks both of you for the replies. I hope it’s the start of a successful Wonder Woman franchise, which stays true to the character.

    I must admit I would have preferred them to have kept Wonder Woman in her WWII origin, as I think she’s so linked to that period in the stories as well as real life. However, I take your point, Ksire_99, the First World War was all about empire building. As the film looks promising, I’m intrigued by it now.

  4. Looked and read some more on the topic: confirm first impression, looks promising. Some questions : Who will Be the main villian ? If there will Be a second chapter in Wwii , will we see steve and etta Son / daughter or we will see them Aged (maybe both) ? Strange to see her against doomsday then against normal soldiers (in any case i prefer the version super but not supersupersupersuper) .

  5. Hi, i know this is maybe outplaced. I just wanted to touch base with the Author, hoping is relocation and job finding process is going the right way (this was my understanding about his personal life from his posts). I do not want to be invadent but just to wish him all the best !! And last but not least, as a loyal fan and reader, to know if the new story is progressing. Can’t wait as always …

    • Thank you for the support. I’m now in my new home, but only got the internet back this week and my computer running since yesterday. I’m busy at the moment, but the story is on its way…

  6. As Wonder Woman is on her way to the biggest challenge of her life so far … furthermore the Lost Siren is on her home turf: the sea !!! Jokes apart: I am happy to hear that you are settling down.

  7. Dear Author, hope that everything is going in the right way in your new phase of life. On a side-note, today is my birthday and one of my wishes was to have another story soon. Jokes apart, take your time, enjoy your hobbies and speaking about our favorite heroine, there are two big comic Projects coming: two crossover, one with “Batman 66” and one with The “bionic woman”. Let us wait ..

    • Hello, I hope you had a nice birthday! As for the story, it is on the way, I just need the time to put it together. There’s a lot of sadness and complications in my life right now, but I do want to write this story.

      Yes, I have heard about these upcoming editions. I’m a fan of The Bionic Woman and look forward to seeing what they do. Having said that, I haven’t read Wonder Woman 77, but hope to…

  8. Yes, thanks. Really sorry about your period. Hope you find some joy and happiness with all my heart.

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