Wonder Woman in Cape Town #1

Wonder Woman in Cape Town #1 is now available to read by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #1

  1. First of all let me express the gratitude for the fact that you shared with us another Wonder Woman story. Then let me wish you well, hoping your life is going on the right track. Then let me excuse for the fact that i am writing here: it looks like i can not post comments after the story. Then, finally some comments on these chapter: wery well written in terms of fluidity of the story, of course we are in the introductory phasis so more words that action. Diana’s exchange with Denton is very nice and we can assume she has another fan (Even if it looks like Denton appreciates the feminine genre as a whole). Serena, in this first chapter, has left her Lost Siren costume for a more traditional nazi uniform, Let’s see if She will come back to her alter ego in order to antagonize more Wonder Woman. Speaking of Wonder Woman, from her words it looks like She has also arrived to the conclusion that this adventure will Be a lot a confrontation between the two of them, and She is eager to score the first points. Let’s see …. As always, great job, can’t wait ….

  2. Second series of comments. Really, your work is by far The best Wonder woman fanfiction that can be found on the web, so i really like to analyze every Small detail because it is not written by chance. Here we go: 1 Dentin and his Serena’s appreciation, Are we going to have another reason of rivalry between The two superwomen ? 2 speaking about superheroines , Wonder Woman refers to her antagonist as “serena Rocca” and not “Lost Siren”, She can’t accept there could Be a competitor on this field ? Let’s see what The Author has in mind.

  3. Thanks, I’ve replied to your comments on the story’s page.

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