Wonder Woman in Cape Town #3

Well, it’s been much too long, again, since the last update on Wonder Woman in Cape Town, but part three is now available to read here.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #3

  1. Hi, just wanted to give a quick comment (please move this to where it has to be when The comment section after The story works): 1 good writing as always 2 will serena accept help in order to defeat her hated opponent. Quoting Machiavelli: the goal justifies The means (literal translation) 3 looks like wonder Woman will not BE in top form for The main event (and we know She will need to BE) . Final note: thanks for The effort, it was Worth to wait.

  2. Additional comment: nice choice for The title (i had to google traslate it).

  3. Thanks, I keep forgetting I have to allow comments. It’s open now and I copied them over.

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