Thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie?

WW Movie

I presume we’ve all seen the new Wonder Woman movie by now? Eventually, when it’s released for home entertainment, I shall review it. I quite enjoyed it at the cinema, but my expectations were low. I’m glad its been such a success. What’s everyone think about it?


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie?

  1. Very good opinion and I had medium / high expectations: big budget movie, waited for so long time. For my usual standard Wonder Woman had the kind of extra super mighty power that could be difficult to fit in a tv series with a lot of episodes: it would lead to an infinite pipeline of catastrophic events / super foes one after the other or to too easy victories. In a movie it’s ok, you need to go for spectacular fights and scenes, it is no more the time for the 60’s James Bond kind of movie. Gal Gadot: slow start, I didn’t like her so much when she was in themyscira and in the boat (rather plain dialogues) but then her character grew as her personality: tough and stubborn with a good sense of humor. For a man of my generation the comparison with Lynda Carter will always be difficult but she more than hold her own. Steve: fine, different from the tv one, more bad boy than all American guy. Etta: to be developed, marginal in this movie. Wonder Woman companions: they tried to copy “the dirty dozen” or the platoon of private Ryan: good idea but not well developed. Villains: good the coup de theatre finale but the movie lacked a real villain to follow for the whole length, it was more like “evil is everywhere” (good philosophic approach but not the best for the plot). Of course, all these are my personal point of view. In the end, as said in the beginning: very satisified.

    • I pretty much agree with all your points. I would liked to have seen a confrontation between Dr Poison and Wonder Woman. Maybe that would have been obvious, but also too good to resist and interesting, if done thoughtfully. The film had more realism than most superhero movies, but became a typically bland Hollywood CGI job in the final battle…

  2. Forgot to say the first comment was from # 1 . Sorry ….

  3. #1 stop the press ! Breaking news ! Just read Wonder Woman 27 (free online at view There is the story of a blonde woman who through a blood transfusion gets Wonder Woman strength then get into a fight with the amazon. Does it sound familiar ? (Already posted in ww in Cape Town 7 but I wanted to be sure readers can watch it)

    • Thanks for letting me know, #1. How strange… The genesis of this idea first occurred to me when I was writing the Antarctica story, which is why in Chapter 4 Del takes Wonder Woman’s blood sample. I would have written the current one sooner if it weren’t for my personal problems in recent years.

      There are some other coincidences I noticed in relation to the film, such as the Superman movie being a blue print for the Wonder Woman film. I think I said that on this site, and certainly on other forums. I was encouraged when I read Patty Jenkins say the same thing. Mostly though, they’re in my mind, since I haven’t explicitly made them – and I haven’t a big enough head to think anybody is taking notice of me. For example, you might find it interesting to know Texas Denton from the very beginning was based on Han Solo. Patty Jenkins has said Steve Trevor in the movie was based on Indiana Jones! I’ve never written this, but in my own Wonder Woman movie in my mind, I had Themyscira surrounded by mists of time and noticed they did something similar in the movie.

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