Wonder Woman vs Superman?

I think this fan made video of a mock up trailer for a purely imaginary Wonder Woman vs Superman movie is pretty good, so I thought I’d share it on here:

Happy 2018!


Thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie?

WW Movie

I presume we’ve all seen the new Wonder Woman movie by now? Eventually, when it’s released for home entertainment, I shall review it. I quite enjoyed it at the cinema, but my expectations were low. I’m glad its been such a success. What’s everyone think about it?

Wonder Woman in Cape Town #2

Wonder Woman in cape #2 is now ready to read by clicking here.

This chapter felt more like an ending than a second part of a typical Wonder Woman story, I’d write.

An eagled-eyed reader may notice this chapter has a different title (A Touch of Dood) than one given before, this is because it turned out much longer than I anticipated. This means the third chapter will now have the title previously stated for chapter two (Greeting the Great White Boer).

I know the menus are not pretty, I’m trying to figure out how to sort them. I’m also going publish a Reading Order page, shortly, for anybody who’s not sure where to start.