Wonder Woman in Antarctica #3

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Plamer Station Night Close

03 Free of the Pack

“Gather around, please,” said Goldman to the Palmer Station staff.

Seventeen personnel congregated in the bar, waiting, anxiously, for Goldman to inform them of events. Some were wet through with black suttee faces from fighting fire at the Communication Center. Fortunately, the heavy falling snow made fast work of the job.

“I’m sure we can all agree it’s been quite an eventual Christmas Eve,” Goldman acknowledged, “But let’s not lose our heads, and point the finger of suspicion on any one of us, until we’ve ascertained the facts of how our dear friend, Doctor Bob Laing, lost his life. To illustrate how dangerous jumping to conclusions are, I can confirm the explosion at the Communication Center was due to nothing more than a freak weather occurrence. Tucker, if you please?”

The giant finished his bourbon and then stepped forward to address the crowd, “I was securing the boat house, in the storm, when I saw a lightning strike hit the large satellite on top of the Communication Center.”

A dirty blonde haired man, in a colourful Christmas jersey, called Templeton Downey, spoke up, “Lightning in a blizzard, like really?”

“As I said, freak weather, Mr Downey,” reassured Goldman.

He stopped for a second and then, hesitantly, continued, “Regretfully, I ordered Laing’s body to be taken to the Communication Center for the cause of death to be established, by a coroner, via a satellite link. I fear his remains have been prematurely cremated.”

“Is this guy for real?” whispered Templeton to his friend, PJ.

“You also might have met Agent Prince of the IADC, who came here to identify Jo Brown as a wanted felon. I can confirm Brown is, indeed, an imposter and shall leave the Palmer Station with Miss Prince as soon as the weather permits. Until then, she and the pilot will be confined to their quarters.”

“Oh, great!” said Templeton, “Straight up, a man has died, and we have no way of contacting the outside world because the Communication Center burnt down. Oh, and by the way, it just so happens we’ve all been living with one of America’s most wanted for the last six months. I mean, like what?”

With his hands resting on his two holstered automatics, Leon Pattison stepped into the fray, “Don’t threat, sonny, you’re safe in my hands. Tucker has boarded up the windows in the prisoners’ quarters and I’ve locked off the hall. I’m happy there is no way for them to escape.”

“Oh, right – I feel so much better now John Wayne has spoken,” Templeton derided.

The room filled with laughter.

“You disrespecting me, boy?” came the reply, “Because blizzard, or no blizzard, I’ll take a sneaky little rookie like you, outside, any day.”


Blu Polar

Diana had been present at the back of the room, in a blue polar neck sweater – unnoticed by most – observing reactions. Surprisingly, people appeared up for celebrating Christmas, in spite of the circumstances. Christmas party songs started booming out of the speakers; alcoholic beverages were flowing, freely, and soon so would be tongues.

“That guy is such a dork,” said Templeton to a couple of friends, “Head of Security – what a joke?”

“He’s a total nut,” PJ warned, “Have you seen the amount of ammo he keeps in his office?”

“I don’t trust his massive ape, Tucker, either,” Elizabeth interjected, “I hate the way he stares, like he’s checking me out or something.”

There was laughter all around.

“Hey, man, I tell ya who I don’t mind checking me out,” teased PJ, “Jo Brown – man, she could melt Antarctica – I can’t believe she’s some sort of super spy.”

“Makes you wonder just who is here,” pondered Templeton.

“That handsome pilot must know some stories,” said Elizabeth, “Think of the amount of people he’s taken to this facility.”

“Yeah, where did they all go to?” they mused.

As interesting as the young workers were, to listen to, Diana’s keen eyes met with those of the laboratory technician from across the other side of the room. She was sipping Scotch at the bar, dressed in a simple long black dress and leather knee high boots. It would be no exaggeration to call the lady beautiful with her flowing raven-hair, intense cat-like green eyes, and rare pale white skin. She was a similar height to Diana, but her willowy frame made her look frail by comparison.

“Hello again, I’m Diana Prince – and you are?”

“Del – Del Hives,” she answered, nervously, “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, thanks, I’ll keep to my trusty water while I’m on duty,” Diana diplomatically responded.

“Too bad, I have this whole bottle to myself.”

“I’m guessing Laing’s death must have really hit you?”

“We were very close,” Del admitted, “He was a genius at what he did, and I was his faithful apprentice.”

“What exactly were you doing?”

“We’re studying a genetic cross-breeding programme between wolves and husky dogs. Laing believed by getting huskies to look. smell, and act like wolves, we could control the behaviour of wild packs.”

“And why would you want to do that?” Diana asked.

“There are certain endangered species under threat of extinction from the wolves. Laing’s genius was to realise we could influence their targets by using trained huskies, within the pack, whom they couldn’t differentiate from other wolves.”

“It sounds fascinating, but why Antarctica?” Diana wondered, “Shouldn’t you be conducting these experiments in the North Pole rather the South?”

“It’s exactly because there are no wolves, in Antarctica, which allows us to perform these behavioural experiments in the open without fear of contaminating any wild species,” Del testily informed, “If you see any wolves roaming wild here, I can assure you they’re mine – make no mistake about that, Agent Prince.”

The two ladies smiled a little uneasily at one another.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she said, grasping her whisky bottle, “It’s been a long, tragic, day and I fear my nerves have gotten the better of me. I shall finish this devil’s brew in my quarters”

“Oh, good luck with that,” Diana humorously sighed.

Wolf Eye

By the early hours, the partying in the bar had come to a dozy conclusion. Most of the personnel remained asleep at their tables; a few managed to walk the short distance to their beds. In their confined quarters, Marsha and Texas were very much awake.

“Tex, are you asleep?” Marsha asked in a loud whisper, through an interior wall, separating their two rooms.

“I was, sweet cheeks,” he replied, “What’s on your mind?”

“Escape, of course – everyone’s snoozing and it’s stopped snowing – we need to leave this dump before things turn nasty.”

Denton sniggered, “You’re crazy – there must be about five feet of snow lying on top of my plane and the sea’s partly frozen over – in other words, honey, we’re going nowhere fast.”

“That’s why I have a plan B,” she explained, “That leery, little creep, Pattison, got a real thrill frisking me, but he missed the hidden Swiss penknife on the underside of my belt buckle.”

Scrape, crack, pop – and Marsha had taken the glass window out, “These outer plywood boards will take all of five seconds to remove. Are you with me?”

“It depends – where’s the nearest MacDonald’s in Antarctica?” Texas joked.

“Get real, man!”

“No, I’m not going anywhere without my aircraft, sweet cheeks.”

“I guess I always knew you were a loser, Denton,” said Marsha on her departure. Her high-heeled boots sank into the snow and Marsha was away into the night.

A few minutes later, Wonder Woman’s high-heels crunched through the snow to the main complex. Diana gently stepped down the corridor, past the Head of Security, where she could see Leon Pattison sound asleep, holding an AK-47 rifle for comfort.

“Is there anybody here who isn’t asleep?” she whsipered under her breath.

Some minutes earlier, Wonder Woman had looked in on Del Hives who passed out on her bed with a half empty bottle of Scotch. Diana took Del’s laboratory access card and used it to gain entry. Not wanting to raise the alarm, she inspected the lab under the darkness of the moonlight.

The laboratory centre table was littered with containers of liquids and powdery substances. Diana was examining the contents when she sensed a presence, in the darkest corner, where a red LED on the wall was flashing. There was another access card slot, next to the light, which Diana decided to try. To her left, a door quickly flung upwards, releasing the icy blue irises of a predator behind it.

A man sized wolf leapt out, on to Wonder Woman, before even her extraordinary reflexes had time to properly respond. The brute force of the beast toppled Diana over on to the floor, landing on her right elbow. She did manage to raise her left bracelet to block the predator’s powerful jaw biting into her neck, but couldn’t halt the carnival’s canine teeth clasping into her near shoulder. The six inch fangs pierced her beautiful supple skin, like nails through butter.

“Aah!” Wonder Woman squelched in agony.

Reeling on to her back, the predator let go of Diana’s shoulder, seeing a second opportunity to sink its teeth into her exposed jugular. However, this time, Wonder Woman was ready for the beast, throwing a vertical fist straight up at the animal’s sensitive black nose. The giant wolf sprang back across the floor.

A screeching whistle blew and the overhead lights were switched on. In the doorway stood Del Hives gawking at Wonder Woman sitting slumped against the wall, holding her bitten shoulder, while the beast was snarling on the opposite side of the room, attending to its own bloody nose with human-like paws.

“That’s enough, Laing,” said Hives to the werewolf, “Return to your den.”

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10 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Antarctica #3

  1. The Author promises and the Author delivers, in terms of timing and quality ! Another great chapter ! Great quiet pace through it like a boiling pot and in the end: boom ! Now we have two path: marsha and her helper on the loose, the two mad scientist on the rampage … And our diana looks a little bit under the weather (pardon the pun). Can’t wait …. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I think there’s some interesting chapters to come…

  3. Now some deeper comments. Our Author paid some other great homage to the tv series: a woman with a whistle commanding a huge beast: Where have i already seen it ? A touch of class: mixing classic elements in an original story !!! Now what is going to happen ? Will diana try to fight or she will try to escape (Not very amazonian but understandable under this circustamces) ? What is des going to do ? Make a wounded wonder woman her prisoner ? How ? Then we have the wild cards: laing (is he a total beast or he has some humanity left ?) marsha (what does she has in mind ? Escaping ? Revenge ?) . Thanks and can’t wait !!!!

  4. I really admire where this story is going. It looks amazing. Wonder Woman needs to be held prisoner by the scientist now, I think. 🙂

  5. Happy new year to everyone and a special one for our Author: he fully deserves it !!!

  6. Thanks and a happy new year to you and everyone, too. However, I’m not sure I do deserve it from a Mercian Comics perspective, as I’ve only managed one and half stories this year!

  7. Some things are not to be judged by quantity but by quality !!

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