Wonder Woman in Antarctica #6

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Palmer Station Snow

06 Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolves?

“WEREWOLVES!” yelled Tucker outside the door, “LOTS OF THEM!”

Six savage beasts surrounded them; three either of side of the main complex. Tucker instinctively raised his rifle, but Goldman lowered it back down.

“Don’t shoot,” the director said, “They won’t hurt you – we can control them.”

“What game are you playing, Goldman?” queried Tucker, “I agreed to go along with it for the price you offered – but you never said anything about werewolves – I should wring your scrawny neck.”

“You’re in this up to your own rubber neck,” snarled Goldman, “You’ll do as I tell you – as will they.”

He stepped forward into the snow. The growling pack appeared to be lowering their heads in appeasement to the slight director. In reality, they were worshipping the resumption of the shuddering drone emanating out of the main complex. The rumbling was so deafening it almost completely drowned out the engine of a light aircraft overhead.

“What the hell is that?” queried Tucker, joining Goldman in the doorway of the dormitory.

He didn’t have to wait long to find out. A huge wolf-man emerged on the opposite doorstep. Now twice as loud, the pack whimpered to the alpha-male’s visceral humming. Laing was present and howling in appreciation; his colossal jaw, a foot wide. The beast’s sharp fangs were still coated red; his mane in the blood of his last victim.

“Where’s Pattison?” urgently asked Tucker, “He was inside with the werewolf.”

“It seems he never made it,” Goldman said, coldly.

“Another meal in the food chain,” added Del Hives, drunkenly, stumbling out into the snow.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” shouted Tucker, “COMEBACK!”

“My baby wouldn’t hurt me,” she assured, gazing up at the eight foot beast from hell.

Like an angel from heaven, Wonder Woman descended on the rooftop of the main complex.

“They say the eyes of a wolf can see into the soul,” she hollered, “I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“You should have stayed in your casket,” Hives replied, “My wolves will be less than civilized with you.”

“Given the choice, I’ll take them over being a modern day Nazi prisoner,” Diana retorted.

“You lie, Wonder Woman, you were sent away for further scientific study of your extraordinary abilities, like your remarkable capacity to heal your shoulder wound so quickly, I see.”

“I don’t lie.”

Hives turned to Goldman, “Vater?”

“Father?” questioned Diana, “I see that’s not all he hasn’t told you.”

The presence of Wonder Woman had agitated Laing who recognised her from their earlier confrontation.

“Enough of this, Del, set the wolves on her,” Goldman demanded.

However, Hives was taken aback by Wonder Woman’s implied insight into her past, “He fostered me as a child, so what?”

Diana crouched on the roof, as if she were about to broach a delicate subject, “But haven’t you ever wondered why?”

“She’s trying to come between us,” warned Goldman, “You can see what she’s doing, ja?”

“You really don’t know, do you?” Wonder Woman sighed, “I wasn’t sure until you lay your icy hands on me. I mean, do you really suppose conventional science could create hybrid wolf-men?”

Del face palmed, “I can’t think straight, it’s the liqueur … “


“You’ve never been physically ill, have you?” Diana continued, “Your exceptionally bright, but could never form meaningful relationships.”

Del Hives dropped to her knees in confusion, “How do you know these things?”

Wonder Woman sternly said, “You’re exceptionally bright, but your name spells trouble, She Devil.”

“No, no, NO!” denied Hives, legging it into the main complex.

“You’ve no idea what you’ve done!” Goldman snapped, “But I shall take vengeance – Tucker open the door to the dormitory, the wolf-men must feed.”

Goldman blew on his whistle and signalled the raging wolf-men to feed inside the building.

“Lock yourself in, Tucker, or they’ll kill you as well,” ordered Wonder Woman, leaping off the roof.

To Goldman’s dismay, Tucker did as he was told. The solid steel door prevented the wolf-men’s entry, but such an insatiable appetite wouldn’t keep the wolf from the door for long. Laing’s brute force, alone, would be enough to gain entry.

“Laing, you don’t have to do this,” Diana appealed, “You’re a man, not a monster.”

However, the gargantuan wolf-man wasn’t listening. With his savage blue eyes glaring at Wonder Woman, he remembered their earlier exchange. The creature’s maddening wrath expelled his steamy breath out of his long bony snout. Laing showed his lethal teeth with growling menace.

WW Lasso

Sensing the tension, Wonder Woman sprinted away around the corner of the main complex, as a distraction tactic. Predictably, Laing bolted after her in hot pursuit. With tremendous strength from his legs, he vaulted over the corner of the building. Like a bat from hell, Laing landed on Diana’s back, forcing his prey frontwards into the snowy sloped alley. Laing’s savage jaws went in for the kill to the side of Diana’s exposed neck – so close that she must have felt his heavy breath – so she powerfully back kicked the beast amiss, a few feet forwards into a stack of steel poles.

“It’s not too late to change,” Diana reiterated, on one knee, “I can help you.”

However, Laing had other ideas. He armed himself with a six foot pole and began swinging it, wildly, in Wonder Woman’s direction. The strength of the beast with the dexterity of a human, proved a destructive combination. Laing hammered the pole down, but Diana leisurely side-squatted the attack. He then tried to swipe the heroine off her feet by swinging the weapon low. Wonder Woman skipped the pole, as if she were using it for a workout. He jabbed the rod at Diana, eventually driving it into the wall of the main complex.

Wonder Woman hauled the pole out of the wall and went on the offensive, scooping it into the rear of the wolf-man’s calves, and flipping him on his back. She prodded the beast to keep him grounded, but Laing managed to grip the rod. The two of them tussled with the weapon in a tug of war. Diana’s resistance enraged the beast, to such a degree, he snapped the pole, in two, with a karate style chop, making him in biting distance of his opponent, who had her back to the wall. As Laing tried to bite her neck again, Wonder Woman jammed the remainder of the pole, upright, into the monster’s jaw.

“Chew on that,” she told him.

As powerful as his tremendous jaws were, the wolf-man couldn’t crush the rod in his mouth. The top of the pole had splinted, sharply, where it had been broken and dug into the palette of his mouth. It was causing him incredible pain, struggling to remove the object. The gargantuan wolf-man began, mournfully, weeping like a cub.

Diana wrapped her lasso around the beast and kneeled down next to him, but before she had time to assess the situation, the pack of wolf-men came to the aid of the group alpha male; Laing’s horrid shrills had sent them into taking action.

The wolf-men cautiously encircled Wonder Woman. Two of them aggressively charged her, but paid the price of a lashing off her lasso. Meanwhile, Laing painfully knocked the wedged pipe out of his jaws with his wrist. Diana retreated to the roof top, in response.

The alpha male was spitting thick, gooey, red blood out of his mouth when a signal led him to return to the dormitory. Goldman sledged past in a snowmobile screeching his whistle, whilst tossing meat outside the front door and up at the balcony.

“Oh, great!” uttered Diana with dismay.

Wonder Woman jumped over to the dormitory balcony and banged on the locked glass door. She could see the staff gathered in the bar, but they were reluctant to come fourth, due to the pack descending on the building.

“What are you all afraid of?” snapped Tucker, opening the door, “It’s Wonder Woman.”

“Thank you, Tucker,” said Diana, “EVERYBODY GATHER ROUND.”

Templeton nervously inquired, “This is it, they’re coming for us aren’t they, Wonder Woman?”

“I’m afraid so,” she lamented.

Elizabeth broke down in an inconsolable panic. “I want to go home, I want my ma,” she repeatedly sobbed, while PJ comforted her.

Tucker sighed, “They’re not fighters, Wonder Woman. This M16 and you are our only defence.”

“Okay, listen, lock yourselves in the upper bedrooms,” ordered Wonder Woman, “NOW!”

She waited for the crowd to leave the room and then told Tucker, “Can you hold ground for five minutes?”

“Yeah, if I have to,” he replied, cocking the firing pin, “Where are you going?”

“As far away as possible,” she enigmatically responded, but her reassuring gentle pat on his shoulder, combined with the steely blue determination in her sparkling eyes, convinced him to trust her.

Just after Wonder Woman left, Tucker heard the shattering of a window. He waited at the top of the stairs. He heard footsteps and heavy breathing. Inescapable green eyes glowed up at him; he pulled the trigger; his time left alive, counting down with every used bullet.


Following Wonder Woman’s extraordinary revelations, Del Hives had sought solitude in the labs, but she wasn’t going to get it for long.

Confessin’ your sins, sister?” questioned Marsha Cross in the doorway, “I didn’t know you read the Bible.”

“It was a prayer of a kind,” Del said, “Can you blame me?”

“You know I got this sneaky suspicion you might be brains behind this whole shebang. You pretended to be Laing’s understudy when really you were the devil in disguise.”

“So you heard what Wonder Woman said, but you don’t seem scared of me, how interesting.” She said, clandestinely, reaching for a bottle of acid under the table between them.

“In the Bronx we have to deal with the devil every day – that’s why I carry a gun – hands up, sister, devil woman, whatever!”

Marsha produced a Beretta M9, “I wasn’t keen on that earache, Pattison, but I must admit I’m grateful for his arsenal of weaponry.”

Her hands in the air, Del pulled a sly smile, “Okay, what is it you want – you obviously want something – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

“Good reasonin’, devil!” returned Marsha, calling Boden.

The sad, tumoured, man entered the laboratory.

“You did this to him,” Marsha scowled, “Fix him or I’ll fix you, permanently.”

“I – I can’t, the process is irreversible,” panicked Del, “This is why we put them out to pasture in the caves, while we worked on a solution”

“Maybe it’s time I put you out to pasture, then,” threatened Marsha, cocking the Berretta, “I’ve read IADC secret files on demons, I know the extraordinary things you can do – now quit stallin’.”

“I’m no demon!” protested Del, shaking, “But I have an experimental compound in the freezer which will soften the pain.”

“Slowly, then, devil woman, ‘cause I’d hate to make you holy!”

Nervously, Del opened the freezer and took out a frosted pressure container, “It can be topically applied straight on the tumours.”

She pulled out the pin on the top.

“No funny business,” warned Marsha, “Let me see that.”

“As you wish,” Del returned, letting the top fly off.


The contents of the container combusted on contact with air, and an explosive strip of fire shot through the laboratory. The blast left small isolated fires scattered throughout the room, risking further explosions from flammable materials.

The blast had blown Boden clear out into the corridor, though lying unconscious. Instinctively, Marsha had sidestepped the flame as soon as she saw Hives point the container in her direction. Del was relatively unscathed and elated by her own cunning. As she made her escape, Del felt Marsha’s hand wrap around one of her boots. Marsha tripped Del back on to the centre table.

The sprinkler system showered water into the laboratory as Marsha stood up. She had minor burns and was in a dishevelled state; her once pristine white cat suit reduced to black, dirty, wet rags; her large exposed white bra revealing her plentiful cleavage; her smoking strands of hair aptly symbolising her internal fury.

Much stronger than gangly Hives, Marsha clamped the fire starter’s hands down against the work surface.

Marsha grimaced, “You’ll pay, witch.”

Agitated Hives kneed Marsha with her right thigh, repeatedly, until her bony knee cap struck her captor’s gut. The move winded Marsha and her hold on Del weakened. Once Hive’s right hand got free, she found a sharp pair of scissors and attempted to stab Marsha in the chest. Blocking the blow with her upper arm, Marsha cried out when the sharp instrument punctured her shoulder. She aggressively bounced on Hives with the full weight of her body. In effect, the table unexpectedly collapsed, and the two brawlers tumbled over the side.

Although she fell badly on her hip, dogged Marsha grabbed her adversary’s leg, once more, as Hives tried to clamber up a cabinet to her feet against the water soaked tiles.

“Get away, pig!” Del revolted, but was brought back down to the soaked floor.

Turning Hives towards her, Marsha walloped the opposition with considerable force on the jaw. The back of Del’s head buckled against an open drawer and she yelped out in pain. Unrepentant, Marsha whacked Hives again, but this time on the lip.

Del recoiled in the corner, “No, no, please, I can’t take no more.”

Grabbing the Del by her soggy shirt collars, Marsha raged, “Argh, lightweight, no stamina,” but then noticed the trickle of blood dripping off her lip, “You’re really not a demon.”

No sooner than Marsha had spoken, Del’s face started cracking all over like an egg shell. Marsha retreated to the opposite side of the room; only her curiosity prevented her from leaving. In less than a minute, fragments of skin were dropping off Hives’ face and hands. In horror, Marsha witnessed a dim white beam of light emitting out between the hastening gaps. What was once Del Hives, then, imploded to ashes.

A heap of ash seemed like all that was left for a moment, until something darted out of the bottom. Marsha climbed on to a work surface in fear. She saw a small smooth being, resembling a cooked filleted codfish, slip quickly along the floor to the doorway.

Spotting her Beretta on the floor where the centre table once stood, Marsha collected it, on her way out. Boden was still lying unconscious in the corridor, but there was no sign of the strange formed being.

WW Sky

On the edge of Palmer Station, Gerry Goldman sat, grim-faced, on the snowmobile, waiting for the bloodshed to past. He heard gunfire, lit a cigarette, and looked up to the sky to see Wonder Woman dropping in on him.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” she asked.

He pointed his pistol at her, “You’ve lost Wonder Woman! Not even all your extraordinary strength will save Palmer Station from my pack of wolf-men.”

“You’re wrong, Goldman,” refuted Diana, “All I need to do is whistle.”

Wonder Woman snatched Goldman’s handgun faster than he could pull the trigger. With her other hand she belts him off the vehicle into the snow. She rips his whistle away from around his neck, blows it, and hops onto the snowmobile.

Diana used the whistle like she was the Pied Piper. Speeding the vehicle up the slope of the glacier, the pack of wolf-men followed her behind. Even so, the mere sight of Wonder Woman enraged Laing to lust for her murder; and his best opportunity to do so arrived when the snowmobile spluttered out in a ditch of thick compacted snow.

Still encircling the area from high above in the Twin Otter, Texas Denton spotted the incident. He saw Wonder Woman was surrounded by a dozen wolf-men.

“Now that’s not something you see everyday,” he comment to himself.

Without a second thought, he nosedived towards the pack, dispersing the wolf-men away from Diana.

However, Laing wasn’t going to be so easily budged. He attempted to swing his right hand around the back of Wonder Woman’s neck, as he bit into her, but she caught his arm with her left hand and the bottom of his jaw with her right. In a test of strength, the giant wolf-man tried to force himself down on Diana. Trying to claw Wonder Woman with his free hand, she tossed the beast backwards over the snowmobile.

The Twin Otter turned around for a second run on Laing, but lying on his back, the infuriated wolf-man saw the incoming plane. With incredible strength, he picked up the snowmobile, flinging it at the Twin Otter. The snowmobile caught the tail of the aircraft and Denton lost control, skimming the plane into the face of the glacier. The left wing broke off and the Twin Otter crashed on the slope with an enormous snowy thump.

Wonder Woman rushed to help the stricken pilot. The plane was smoking and there was a strong smell of fuel, so she had to be quick. She forced the door open. In the cockpit, Denton was out cold with a head wound, but at least alive. She punched out the rest of the glass from the broken front window. Wonder Woman flew out of the cockpit with Denton in her arms. The Twin Otter exploded seconds later.

The glacier began to shake and shudder. It appeared the explosion had caused the mountain of ice to become unstable. The wolf-men clung to snow in vain, as the huge glacier crumbled away. Nothing could survive the torrent of ice avalanching into the sea.

Touching down, in Palmer Station, Wonder Woman was met by Marsha cradling Boden in the entrance of the main complex. Tucker assured her no wolf-men remained in the dormitory and took Denton inside.

“Wonder Woman, am I glad to see you,” said Marsha, “Freakin’ Del Hives transformed into a blob of somethin’ before my eyes and away it went.”

“Who’s this?” asked Diana.

“His name is Boden,” she replied “He’s a mutated wolf-man who helped me out of these real scary caves – I owe him my life.”

“Caves, of course…”

Wonder Woman knelt beside Boden, and began wrapping her lasso around his body, several times.

“What are you doin’?” inquired Marsha.

“Hives used demonic power to create these wolf-men,” Diana explained, “My guess is that those caves were, in fact, her vessel. The ground is rumbling because she’s leaving – and taking all her evil with her. My lasso contains healing properties that might reverse Boden’s mutations, if we’re lucky.”

When the rumbling stopped, a good ten minutes later, Marsha saw Boden as himself for the first time; just a man of Asian dissent. The transformation wasn’t a process that could be viewed; one second he was mutated, a blink later, he was fine.

“It’s a Christmas miracle,” Marsha announced, hugging Boden, standing before her, “I can’t thank you enough Wonder Woman.”

But Wonder Woman had taken her lasso and left.


“There you go, sister,” said Marsha, “Wonder Woman was right, the stairs aren’t there any more.”

“You mean, below these cables was where you entered the caves?” inferred Diana Prince, standing over the floor panel in the main complex.

“Shame, Hives held you in the other laboratory,” Marsha teased, “You missed most of the action – we’re lucky Wonder Woman came to rescue you.”

“I know, Marsha,” Diana agreed, “But Gerry Goldman might disagree about that. She left him tied up in the kennels.”

“He deserves everything he gets,” Marsha responded, “If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s double-crossers.”

Diana rolled her eyes with a scoff and mutual laughter ensued.

On her way to see Texas Denton resting in his bedroom, Diana could hear him yelling down the hall. He had just awoken from concussion and noticed his bandaged head.

“Texas, I am pleased you’re awake, but do you have to tell the whole of the dormitory?”

“Give it to me straight, sweetheart, did I crash the Twin Otter?”

“Yes – and took half a glacier with you.”

Denton picked up his cigarette case and then stopped, “That bump on the head must have been worse than I thought, I can’t believe after everything that happened I don’t want a smoke.”

Diana laughed, “Well, you helped Wonder Woman and it looks like she may have helped you in return.”

“Hey, I’d prefer a new plane!”

Diana didn’t respond. She was receiving a call from Washington, which she took outside.

“I got your report, Diana,” informed Steve Trevor, “It makes interesting reading. Glad you and Wonder Woman stopped these evildoers in time.”

“I’m still concerned, Steve,” admitted Diana, “First Mendo and now this She Devil in league with the Nazis. Wonder Woman thinks there’s too much demonic activity occurring.”

“Maybe, but we can only deal with it where we find it,” Steve responded, “But you figure Hives didn’t know who she really was?”

“I think that’s true,” confirmed Diana, “Goldman knew what he was getting when he fostered Del and put her through school.”

“I must ask what will happen to Marsha and Texas Denton?” inquired Diana.

“They will both have to face justice, but your report should help their cause.”

“Denton was only a smuggler,” Diana returned, thoughtfully, “Do you think I might borrow him?”

“We can put in a request – but what for?”

Diana smiled, “You might say, I’d like to test an old proverb that says wolves never prey on wolves.”


Diana Prince Brown



4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Antarctica #6

  1. Great final chapter ! Again some great homage to the ti series: wild beasts commanded through a whistle ! Then: now we know that in the end Marsha found a way to redeem herself. Now what is next for Wonder Woman: final show-down with the Nazis ? Rematch with the Lost Siren ? What does it means “can i borrow him” ? Let’s see where our Author will bring us next … Can’t wait … Please some hints and anticipations (of course if You think appropriate) ….

  2. Thanks. It’s Diana’s intention is to confront these Nazis. The Return of the Lost Siren will be the next story, but it isn’t going to feature Wonder Woman in person.

  3. Hi just for some more comments.
    1) Flow / pace of the new version of the last chapter: I do not know how it was before but now look pretty good from a easiness of reading
    2) Battle between Wonder Woman and the Alpha werewolf: clearly a situation when Diana can not rely on being the stronger one but she has to rely on being the smarter one (even in the physical battle). Something new for her in these stories but she passed the test big way !!!
    3) Next story: I was my understanding that it was not a stand-alone one but kind of a prequel for the next “Wonder Woman in …”. In any case it will be a great one !!
    4) Del: great character, real personification of the evil or innocent victim of a bigger scheme (at least in her human form) ?
    5) Still pending: the computer virus and (maybe) some sample of Diana’s blood (do not know if it has gone missing in the final events, if not I wonder how it can be used …)
    6) Devil personification: let’s see how and where is going to reappear …
    And as always thanks to the Author for his commitment …

    • Hi there,

      1) The time it took to do this final chapter was ridiculous, even by my own standards and allowing for my illness. I’m glad you think it reads well. This story will probably be more enjoyable next Christmas!
      2) I hope it settled earlier questions over their first encounter and was entertaining enough.
      3) Yes, it’s a prequel to Wonder Woman’s next story.
      4) This story was like a prequel for Del. She is something of an enigma, by contrast to Mendo who is a straight forward evil demon.
      5) I can say now I always intended to leave the blood sample for a later story. The virus is dependent on Marsha who is currently facing justice.
      6) It’s a difficult balance to strike. There’s a demonic and Nazi theme connecting the stories together, but I don’t want to turn Wonder Woman into a horror show.

      Thanks, I do appreciate you taking the time to add additional feedback. The Return of the Lost Siren will begin some time this spring.

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