Wonder Woman in Boston #4

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.


04 I Observe and Remain Silent

“YOU’RE AN IMBECILE!” Bassano barked.

He paced up and down his Harvard office, chastising Jock Harrison who sat with his hands wrapped around the back of his neck, pressing his head into his lap.

“Not only did you fail to dispose of Diana Prince, as instructed, but you had to run straight here, in doing so, implicating ME!”

“Nah, no-one saw me, Doc, they were too busy in search of the bomb,” Harrison insisted.

“That super-broad, somehow, she lifted Chad’s car into the air and flung it skywards – everyone was amazed – when it exploded over the Common. I decided this was a good time to escape, when everybody was distracted”

Bassano composed himself, “Alright, alright, this is what you do. Find out the hole that Chad Bailey has threw himself down and keep him there. I shall call for you, this evening, where we shall resolve this regrettable situation.”

The doctor could see the young man was still shaking. He squeezed Harrison’s shoulder, in a fatherly-like gesture.

“It’s just you and I, now, Jock. We’ll only make it, if you do exactly as I tell you.”

Corvette ZX1

Agent Prince’s sleek Corvette ZX1 made its way through the Boston traffic.

“Bureaucrats in Washington are preventing our access to Bassano’s safe deposit box,” told Roger Macintosh.

“I wonder why?” Diana said.

“They’ve been informed of the doctor being on the verge of a brilliant discovery and they don’t wish to muddy the waters with these ‘nuisance allegations’ – and that is a quote.”

“How was your early morning date with Chad Bailey – did the earth move?”

“Err, very nearly,” she returned.

“Ah, I thought that might be something to do with you,” he responded, wisely.

On arriving at the Cryonic Research Foundation, Diana noticed three black Chevrolet four-by-fours parked near the reception. A suit in shades guarded the entrance.

“If I’m not mistaken that is the Bureau,” she said.

“Let’s find out,” Macintosh replied, opening the passenger door.

Diana Prince Down

With a flash of Diana’s I.A.D.C identification, the FBI agent led them through to a large consulting room where the S.A.C officer, in charge, was liasing with Doctor Bassano.

“Diana Prince,” greeted Bassano, firmly, “Good, you’re on time.”

“Doctor, this is Captain Roger Macintosh from NASA. He is here as an observer, too.”

“I must say,” She continued, “I wasn’t expecting the Bureau to be present.”

“Agent Prince, I’m Special Agent O’Connell.”

He was a lean, lofty, bespectacled man of slick appearance and an air of authority.

“I shall be taking charge of this case, from this point onwards, as we no longer have a missing person’s enquiry.”

“Is that’s your way of telling me Warrant Officer Larry has been found?” Diana rationally probed.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“May we see him?”

“No-can-do, the Bureau’s  own top consultant is examining him with his team,” explained O’Connell.

The consultant soon came through the door, verbally reporting his findings in astonishment, “Remarkable, quite remarkable.”

He stopped in his tracks when he noticed the presence of Agent Prince and Captain Macintosh.

“It’s alright, Professor Sheppard, IADC and NASA,” pointed out O’Connell, rather lazily.

The professor turned to Bassano, “I pronounce you a genius, sir. I never thought I’d see the day when a cryonic patient would be successfully brought back to the land of the living.”

“May we?” said Diana with a flick of her glasses.

Without allowing time for an objection to be heard, Diana let herself into the examination study. It was a darkly lit room where Martin Larry lay, tucked into the only hospital bed, being monitored by all kinds of sophisticated medical machinery. However, Diana’s attention was caught by the intravenous drip connected to his neck.

“Hi,” she said to Larry, briskly, as she inspected his drip bag, above.

From the shadows, Professor Sheppard’s two female nurses, dressed in tight white uniforms, immediately, grabbed hold of her and strong-armed the I.A.D.C agent out the doorway.

“You know, for nurses, you sure have a firm grip,” Diana informed, “Don’t they have porters in your hospital?”

“Agent Prince, your behaviour is out of order,” reprimanded O’Connell, “I hear you were rude to Dr Bassano in your last visit and I’m aware of Mrs Larry having asked you leave, yesterday. Now, I’m demanding you go – you’re officially off the case and, therefore, have no rights to be here – see her out.”

Diana’s bad attitude wasn’t without reason, for the FBI agents and nurses who saw her removed were the very same zombie faces that awoke and attacked Wonder Woman, the night before.

“Agent Prince is accustomed to being routinely escorted out of buildings, however, I’m not,” said Roger Macintosh, “I am an old acquaintance of Warrant Officer Larry. I’d like to see him.”

Bassano and O’Connell glanced at one another.

“Of course,” replied Bassano, “You’ll be the first person from his past life he has encountered –  it should be an interesting experiment.”

Larry was awake; his eyes followed Macintosh around the room.

“Hey, soldier, how are you?” Roger said.

“As well as could be expected, considering all I’ve been through,” he returned.

“I dare say,” sympathised Roger, “What do you remember?”

“You – being shot – everything, as clear as day,” he listed.

Roger thoughtfully paused and sat on the side of the bed, “You know Cindy was distraught when she heard the news – and I’ve got to say it – there was nobody I wanted more for a son-in-law.”

Larry appeared to chew over the reply, “I feel the same way. Tell Cindy I still love her very much.”

Half-surprised he took the bait, Macintosh rose to his feet, “I have no daughter,” he revealed.

“He must be confused,” Professor Sheppard stressed.

“Confusion doesn’t make creative liars,” dismissed Macintosh.

“What are you implying, Captain?” O’Connell asked.

A cosh on the back of O’Connell’s head prevented him from learning the truth.

Exploding Building

Three phoney FBI agents hemmed Macintosh into the examination study. Professor Sheppard rubbed his hands in anticipation, while his nurses cornered the NASA scientist.

“You should have left with your colleague, Captain,” Bassano reflected, “Now you know too much.”

“Unlike you, Bassano,” said Wonder Woman emerging in the doorway, “My guess is you’re a compromised scientist who really doesn’t know what he’s dealing with – while your leader observes and remains silent.”

“You’ll be silent, soon enough, Wonder Woman,” retorted Bassano, “GET HER!”

The fake agents tried to overwhelm Wonder Woman. She had already quietly disposed of two in the reception, so she had a measure of their strength. For a moment Macintosh watched the three black suits obscure the super heroine. In symmetry, her two adjacent attackers were flung away to opposite sides of the room. Within a second, Wonder Woman’s facing opponent fell in the wake of her outright striking fist.

Macintosh tried to respond, accordingly, not realising how easily the nurse could pin him against the wall in a choke hold. Her colleague launched a hospital trolley at Wonder Woman, who easily sidestepped the object.

“I think this belongs to you,” said Diana, returning the courtesy with damaging accuracy.

For the first time, Roger witnessed the revolting green slime emanating from the nurse zombie’s wounds. However, his attention soon turned to Professor Sheppard creeping up behind Wonder Woman with an intravenous needle in his hand.

With a momentous effort, the captain cranked the nurse back against the wall and lunged forward into the professor, sending the little man sprawling.

“Thanks,” Diana said, as she casually finished off the second zombie nurse with a light chop.

“Where’s Bassano?” Macintosh asked.

“It looks like they’ve both gone,” added Wonder Woman, “Larry’s bed is empty – so that’s why the zombies fell down so easily.”

Before Roger had time to ask Wonder Woman what she meant, an enormous, deafening, explosion shattered through the building.

“LET’S GO!” Diana shouted, “AND YOU, TOO, PROFESSOR!”

A second devastating detonation blasted flames into the sky, as Captain Macintosh and Professor Sheppard tore across the car park. Wonder Woman wasn’t far behind with Special Agent O’Connell, still unconscious, in her arms.

The Cryonic Research Foundation was completely destroyed in a matter of minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Boston #4

  1. Immediate reaction: as expected in line with the expectations (pardon me the joke). More tought comments tommorrow.

  2. First thing: thanks for taking the time to update (i was starting to fear that with “next friday” the Author meant july 11 ….) . Then: it looks that the plot took an upward move (involvement of secret services vs a mad scientist with a group of kids as henchmen). Let’s see … Diana as always very ironic (the dialogue with the nurses) and Wonder Woman very in the character (always protective and caring for everyone). Curious about why the zombie are weaker (if i understood correctly) when the prof is gone … And finally: supercurious about the next story that looks already to be taking shape in the mind of the Author !!! I would like to be a distance mind reader !!!

  3. Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback. There’s going to be a big reveal in the penultimate chapter that answers your zombie weakness question.

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