Wonder Woman in Cape Town #8

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Woods At Night

08 Cape Fear!

Stamping his way through the woods, Denton trailed the perimeter of the camp, carrying an AK-47 rifle in his arms. He reached the furious collapsed pyre, burning on the spot where Wonder Woman had been bound. There was no sign of the heroine, nor the Lost Siren or anybody else. He trampled, further along, to see if there were any activity in the hutted area. Leaning against the thick trunk of a tree, he was spying through the telescopic sight of the rifle, when he felt a hand gently rest on his shoulder. Turning right around, he insidiously knew from her touch, it would be Wonder Woman gazing back at him.

“Am I glad to see you!” Denton told her, unreservedly, “I thought I was the only one here.”

Diana impishly said, “You may as well have been playing a one-man band with the noise you were making! Luckily, looks like no-one heard a thing.”

“Fine, sweetheart – you know I only came to rescue you – since you’re obviously fine and back to your old self again, I say let’s get the hell out of this place while the goings good.”

“I can’t,” Wonder Woman lamented, “Not before I retrieved my girdle.”

“That isn’t worth risking our lives for, sweetheart. If you’re after a belt, I’ll take you to a boutique in the morning.”

“It is… At least for me,” Diana explained, “The girdle serves as my power source in the outside world – the further I am away from it – the weaker I get.”

Denton shook his head in disbelief and snorted, “So, where is it?”

“I saw Del Hives give it to a large Xhosa guard during the ceremony. The same guard has carried the Lost Siren into the second hut.”

Denton acknowledged, “After nearly strangling me to death, the Siren came with me to rescue you. You think she’s still alive?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Del Hives is using the opportunity to see if my girdle will make the Lost Siren even more powerful. I overheard her say the Siren’s immense strength has come from a serum of my blood.”

“Del Hives – that crazy scientist from Antarctica – is she right?”

“Judging from our gladiatorial bout, I’d say the Lost Siren has already been drawing off the girdle’s power without knowing it.”

They watched Hives and the stocky Xhosa guard leaving the hut. No-one else appeared to be about.

“I’m to take a closer look,” Diana said, making eye contact with Denton, “I’m grateful you came to rescue me, Tex.”

“Yeah, well, I felt I owed you.”

She coyly grinned and rested her hand on his shoulder, “If I don’t return, get in touch with Steve Trevor of the IADC.”

“And what of Diana?”

Without warning, Wonder Woman appeared to lose her balance. She rested her head on her folded arms, against the tree.

“Diana is all right, isn’t she?”

“I hope so, Tex,” she said with a passing smile – and then was gone.

Xhosa Huts

The makeshift huts were nothing more than circular wooden stacks with thatched straw roofs and walls. A fabric blind covered the entrance of interest, in which Diana made a gap to see inside. The Lost Siren was lying unconscious on her back, in the candle light, next to a black rectangular leather box. Wonder Woman knelt over Serena and observed her. Even in the candlelight, one could see her face was unusually puffy and her lips swollen. Diana placed her first two fingers on Rocca’s neck and noted her rapid pulse.

Turning her attention to the leather container, which was no bigger than a shoe box; ideal to keep a belt in. Diana picked the box up and examined it in her hands. She could sense her girdle was within its enclosure; the energy of the emitting power source was compelling in her poorly condition – but that’s exactly why she needed to be careful.

All at once the large stocky Xhosa guard with the crooked mouth burst into the hut. To his surprise, he only saw the Siren peacefully asleep. He felt a tap on the back.

“Looking for someone?” Wonder Woman said, “Now, let’s see what’s in the box.”

She prized the top open in the guard’s direction. A burst of foggy smoke shot into the tribesman’s face, and he dropped on his back into the hut, sleeping next to Serena. Diana reclaimed her magically gleaming girdle, from inside the container, and carefully strapped the intricate golden links back around her waist.

Wonder Woman quietly tiptoed between huts. She was glancing into the next one down at a Xhosa elder meditating, when she spotted She-Devil coming her way. Diana swiftly let herself into the hut and drew the blind. The old man stared at her in the candle light. He was wary of Diana –  but there was something special about being in Wonder Woman’s presence that immediately brought peace to those who were in touch with their intuition – placing a forefinger over her divine lips in a gesture for silence, the elder placated.

Now dressed in a dark leathery cloak, Diana spied Hives go into the hut where Rocca and the guard were lying. Quickly out again, she frantically looked around in the darkness.

“There you are, Miss Hives, I thought you had deserted us, along with those native peasants.”

It was Osinov with Dood and Magoro. They were accompanied by two Fourth Reich bodyguards, holding Kalashnikovs.

“I’ve been very patient with you due to the high-esteem I hold your father in – but now is the time for you, young lady, to hand over the formula. Dood must start work on creating a meta-human army first thing tomorrow.”

She-Devil laughed, dismissively, “The girdle is gone!”

“If you’ve lost that belt, it’s not our concern – a deal has been done, Miss Hives – you agreed to hand over the formula in exchange for Wonder Woman’s girdle.”

Hives stinging green eyes gave them daggers, “I get it! You hid in the shrubbery and waited for me to vacate the hut – then got your goons to retrieve the girdle – and you expect me to hand over the formula?”

Osinov was about to deny the charge in no uncertain terms…

“Or is there another possibility.”  It was Wonder Woman standing with her arms folded in the entrance of the elder’s hut.

WW Dark

Diana came fourth and playfully mocked, “You know, for a bunch of evil masterminds, I’m surprised how slow you can be, sometimes.”

“Wonder Woman, how charming of you to join us,” said Osinov with an ephemeral smile, “Although, we were expecting you to be quite dead by now.”

“And why would you want me dead when I’m exactly what you’re after? Hives double-crossed you, Marat, she has no formula. You see, I am the formula – the serum, the Lost Siren took, contained my blood.”

“Ha! Your error, Wonder Woman.” Del scoffed, “What makes you think I need you now I have the Lost Siren replicating your blood?”

Diana faced the demonic scientist, “Because I don’t believe you’re so stupid, Del. Evil, yes – stupid, no.”

“Which is exactly why I wanted your girdle.”

“Another experiment, Del? You would only make matters ten times worse.”

Diana turned to Dood, “If you ever had any compassion in your heart for the Serena, attend to her now, Doctor. The serum you injected is causing a hemolytic reaction. She’s going to die unless she gets urgent treatment.”

“Dood, confirm the diagnosis,” Osinov said, flapping his hand away in a dismissive manner.

The doctor attended the stricken Siren inside the hut. Hives immediately became tetchy in a way Diana had not seen since Antarctica. Her jaw was trembling and her keen bulbous cat-like eyes were looking around herself.

Del moved closer to Marat and began whispering in his ear, “Can’t you see what she’s doing? Wonder Witch is trying to divide us. I fed her an elixir to inhibit her movement. I suspect she isn’t as quick as normal – shoot her!”

Dood briefly returned to confirm Diana’s diagnosis.

Hmm,” Osinov nodded, pointing at Wonder Woman and She-Devil, “SHOOT THEM!”

Del screamed as a rapid succession of bullets hit her cape. Her head slipped down beneath the garment. More pounding gunfire punched the cloak, folding it in upon itself. Del had seemingly vanished; but eagle-eyed observers – who knew about such ungodly matters – may have spotted the crab sized sliver of white slime which escaped from beneath the bullet proof cloak and passed unnoticed into the darkness.

While Osinov withdrew into near shrubbery, Diana was also under fire from the bodyguards. She admirably bracelet blocked a swarm of rapid bullets where she stood – making Hives’ elixir claim seem completely specious. She retreated backwards against the stinging tide of deadly rounds when another line of fire cut across the enemy and the guns lay abruptly silent.

Standing between two of the huts, Diana found herself looking down the barrel of another gun. Magoro was nervously holding out his pistol in two hands. It was point blank range and the corrupted little police chief was shaking like a leaf.

He growled, “Get back, away from me, witch – I warn you – I’ll shoot you dead.”

“You’ve seen bullets don’t hurt me,” Diana reasoned, “Put the gun down, Magoro.”

It’s a split-second decision between attack or surrender; and Magoro chose the former. He squished his eyes and pulled the trigger. The bullet deflected off the bracelet of Wonder Woman’s vertical right-arm. Magoro felt the weapon snatched away from his grasp, and a second later, the crack of his jaw sending him on his way to an early evening nap. Whether Diana enjoyed hitting the crooked policeman isn’t known, but he certainly did deserve it, either way.

To Diana’s surprise, Osinov was surrendering at gunpoint to Denton. He raised his hands above his head, slowly rising to his feet.

The pilot noticed Wonder Woman joining them, “I heard the shots and figured you could do with some help. I found this scum hiding in the bushes. His bodyguards weren’t so lucky and got what they were dishing out.”

“Be careful, Tex,” Diana cautioned, “It’s all too easy.”

“How right you are to be cautious, Wonder Woman,” Marat suavely suggested, “Why don’t you secure me in your lasso? I have something to confess, and I want you to know I speak only the truth.”

Diana did as he asked, placing her lasso around his waist and giving it a tug.

A flicker of discomfort passed over Osinov’s face before requesting, “Please, Wonder Woman, take my phone from my top pocket.”

“Go on,” Marat humorously urged, “You have my word, it won’t hurt you.”

Diana viewed the cell phone. It appeared to be streaming live footage of a man with a badly scarred face – who she immediately recognised – standing on an precipice of the mountain, overlooking the city.

“Wonder Woman, I believe you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Radomir Semanic?” Osinov said, “Thanks to you his face is scarred for life, and because of this, he decided to join my organisation. He is currently sitting on the other side of Table Mountain with a bomb underneath the cable car ride. He’s just this minute set the timer to go off for half an hour from now – and this, Wonder Woman, is irreversible. You see, I’m not so ‘slow’, to be without a plan b when going up against an enemy like you.”

You now have less than 30 minutes to save those innocent thrill-seeking sightseers from crashing back down to earth with a bang!”

Removing her lasso, Wonder Woman shook her head in alarmed disgust.

She turned to Denton, “Think you can keep him here until I get back.”

“Sure, as long as his goons don’t come looking for him.”

Osinov smugly confirmed, “They’re already on their way.”

Then another voice spoke up, “Go, Wonder Woman, try to save those innocent lives. We’ll keep him prisoner. I’ve heard everything this evil man has said. He tricked us, he used us, but now uSathane has shown his true colours.”

It was the Xhosa elder who had been meditating in the hut. As he spoke, a Xhosa ambush of tribesmen with spears materialised out of the wooded darkness. Osinov was surrounded.

“Thanks,” Wonder Woman appreciatively said.

Just as she was about to take to the night sky, she suddenly pulled up in pain and bent over. She tried again with the same result.

With concern, Denton asked, “What’s wrong?”

With equal concern, Diana responded, “I can’t fly, Tex. It maybe that drug Hives gave me.”

Cackling Osinov said, “It appears I get the last laugh, after all, Wonder Woman!”

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4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #8

  1. # 1 I am starting to sound repetitive and obvious: great chapter. Things are slowly coming to a conclusion: Osinov, Dodd and Magoro seems to have been neutralized. Semanic seems to be the last threat. Del has proven again to be elusive, you can beat her but you can’t defeat her once and for all (like the evil in the world: can’t be eradicated forever). Denton: at least for now it seems he perfectly understood where it is better for him to be. Big question mark for Serena: when she will wake up (if she will wake up): whose side she will be ? Positive note for Diana: she seems to have totally recovered her sense of humour. Thanks !

    • Thanks, #1. I meant to say this is the penultimate chapter. I don’t want to give anything away on the events of the final chapter, except to say there should be plenty of Wonder Woman focused action. Yes, it is nice to see Diana back on form, even if the other characters in the story don’t appreciate her humour, I’m glad you do!

  2. Wonder Woman loses her strength the farther she is away from the girdle? It sounds like she should never be out of uniform, because as Diana she would be as weak as a kitten since the girdle is not on her. I really do not understand your rules of the girdle. You have said that she has an amazon’s strength without it, but becomes a little stronger with it on, if I am getting your rules right.

    Also, for the TV show, Wonder Woman never flew under her own power. It sounds like she has this gift in your version. Is this really the Lynda Carter TV show you are basing these stories on?

    Otherwise I do look forward to your writing, but I am still not up to snuff on your rules for her strength with or without the girdle, or the fact that she can fly.

    • Hello, yes, I appreciate it is confusing. My stories are only based on the TV show. They pull other elements from the comics (flight, most obviously) and my own ideas as well. Due to Wonder Woman’s quite fractus history with several variations on the character, I thought to put my own slant on some aspects as acceptable, such as her girdle.

      I always liked Wonder Woman’s girdle but wasn’t so keen on her being powerless without it. I also wanted to emphasize the girdle’s state as a true mystical object, rather than a flimsy ‘power belt’, which could be just a piece of technology. You may have noticed my physical description of the girdle is also quite different to the TV show. Here’s the lowdown as I see it in my stories:

      Diana Prince – Diana’s decision to live as a regular human with normal strength.
      Wonder Woman/Diana of Themyscria – Amazonian (her true self).
      Wonder Woman with the Golden Girdle of Gaea (extra power bestowed upon her by Gaea).

      If Diana loses the girdle in the outside world, she feels weaker, the further away she gets from it.
      If somebody other than an Amazon wears the girdle, they perish, and Gaea makes the Amazonians suffer.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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