Wonder Woman in Cape Town #2


Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.


02 A Touch of Dood

“Wonder Woman in the flesh,” said Agent Rocca, running her knuckles down Diana’s bare left thigh, “And still in stasis.”

“That’s just as expected,” informed a wiry man with a thick Afrikaans accent, “Our laboratory in Antarctica was working on several new strands of chloroform, which Wonder Woman hadn’t been subjected to, previously.”

“Dood,” Serena said to her distaste, “I expected the Fourth Reich’s Frankenstein to be present.”

Dr Dood was a gangly six feet, four inches, with a hunchback that made him look as if he were lowering himself to talk to most people. Now in his seventh decade, he wore spectacles and a silvery goatee beard, matching the last strands of hair on his head. Dood dressed like any respectable doctor in a long white coat – although respectable he wasn’t – as Serena Rocca knew too well.

“I see you still haven’t forgiven me for turning you into the athlete you are today, Serena?”

Serena scoffed, “I was an athlete long before I started taking your chemical muck. I was young, I had a career, a future.”

“Nobody forced you to risk your career. You always wanted to be stronger, faster – I gave you that – I could give you much more, with the formulas I’ve recently developed.”

“No way,” She bluntly rebuffed, turning away.

Dood pulled a deceptively innocent smile, “Very well, then. The Leader wants you to interrogate the pilot. There’s been no satellite link to Antarctica for some weeks. We are informed Agent Goldman is secretly in the custody of the FBI. Osinov is concerned.”

“And what of her?”

“Wonder Woman will be taken to my laboratory for examination.”

“Eh, in your hands I almost feel sorry for her,” Rocca concluded, on her way out.


The laboratory was a couple of floors above. Natural light from a skylight, shone down on Wonder Woman where she lay in the casket, still wearing the oxygen mask. Like the rest of the base, the walls were covered in metal panels and the room was fulfilled to minimal requirements; an unusually large operating table built up out of the concrete floor was its only distinctive feature.

“I am not to be disturbed,” Dood could be heard saying, “Wait down the hall – I don’t want to hear you outside my door – I have an important examination to make.”

He shut the door behind him, momentarily, pausing for thought.

Leaning over Wonder Woman, Dood immediately reached for the gold of her bustier, “An examination I’ll be sure to enjoy!”

Dood’s mischievous right-hand stopped in mid-air by Diana’s firm grip on his wrist, “I don’t think you’re going to enjoy yourself as much as you thought, Dood.”

She took off her gas mask with her other hand, and used her long legs to step down off the bier. Wonder Woman now had Dood’s wrist twisted behind his back, as she forced him forward over the casket.

Argh! Get off, you’re hurting me,” complained the doctor.

“I just need to conduct a little examination of my own,” she responded, removing her lasso and wrapping it around the captive.

“What illegal purpose is this base used for?”

“I won’t say!” Dood protested, “How’s that for an answer?”

“Not good,” Diana dismissed, tugging her lasso.

Seconds later, bound in Wonder Woman’s magic lasso, he couldn’t help himself, “W-w-e smug, we smuggle, we smuggle ivory onto boats.”

“Oh no …” Diana sighed, “You’re hunting elephants for their tusks? Will you Nazis ever learn to respect life?”

“No, we don’t hunt many,” Dood responded, defensively.

“Wait,” Wonder Woman said, thoughtfully, “Osinov has elephants on his ranch under his protection scheme. Are the FRSA rearing them for slaughter?”

The grey man’s face worsened some more with guilt, as he purged himself with the ugly truth, “We have h-h-hundreds of them in underground kennels, started on a breeding programme by m-m-myself.”

Wonder Woman shook her head. She looked about the room, at the oversized operating table, built from concrete.

“And this is where you slaughter them and remove their tusks, isn’t it?” she said yanking her lasso.

“YES! YES! Yes, they lead them down here and I fatally inject them,” he exasperatedly confessed, “Then I saw off their tusks.”

“Well, Doctor Dood, it looks like you earned your name.” Diana twisted her lasso, “I compel you to confess this whole Nazi operation to the police, right away.”

“I shall go right away.” he said, bowing his head in a show of compliance.

“That’s good, Dood, you’re learning. Set the alarm off and evacuate the building on your way out.”

About to remove her lasso, Diana said, “Oh, one last question, where is Serena Rocca interrogating the pilot?”


After Texas Denton ate, without any explanation, he was escorted to a plain room with a metal barred seat and table. If he knew there were a problem, he didn’t show it. Rather, in his typically blasé style, he took another gum from his leather jacket and promptly sat on the seat with his legs crossed over the table. He greeted Agent Rocca’s arrival with a casual salute. None of which impressed Serena.

“Sister Rocca, you know, if you have a thing for me, you should just say.”

She folded her arms and gave him the death stare, “Really?”

The next thing Denton heard was the thud of the table, violently toppling over, sending him sprawling backwards beside the metal plated wall. Before Denton could gain his bearings, he felt his right-hand twist behind his back, lifting him to his feet, pressed against the wall by his nose.

“Jesus,” he mustered, “You’ve really been eating your spinach!”

“We know the FBI is holding Goldman,” Rocca huskily whispered, “I’ll break you into pieces, unless you tell the truth about what happened in Antarctica?”

“Look it up, fräulein, it’s bound to be on the internet by now!”

Suddenly, a red light above the door started flashing and an emergency alarm rang out.

Denton glibly celebrated, “Terrific! Saved by the bell!”

“Not quite,” Serena threatened, “I have somewhere quieter to take you.”

Rocca herded Denton out of the room, like a sheep about to be sheered, he had no control. Still in Serena’s armlock, the strength of her hand forcing Denton to cower by her grip on his shoulder, she led him past a departing guardsman yielding to the emergency alert. Down a stairwell and through a double door, they went, out into a neon lit staircase of another cave. There was a powerful gushing noise of a waterfall coming from the top of the cavern. At the bottom of the stairs, sat a circular platform close to the torrent of water; about halfway down the waterfall.

Serena tipped defenceless Denton over the platform bar railings. His head covered in spray from the fall.

“You see, Mr Denton, this is our natural overflow of the port, for when the tide comes in. It’s so far down, you can’t see the bottom, ja?”

Texas felt like a dummy up against Serena’s strength, but he hadn’t his lost wit, or bravery, “You know, Rocca, if you going to kill me, would you get on with it, because you make a boring geology teacher!”

Serena was about to dislocate Denton’s shoulder when she heard the creak of the door open at the top of the stairs. Grimacing, Denton paused in the moment; and then he heard Wonder Woman’s angelic voice:

“I thought I might find you here, Serena, sinking down to a whole new level.  I used to at least admire you for your guts, but now I see you’ve taken to beating a defenceless man, as a common thug would.”

Texas spoke up, “I wouldn’t be so defenceless if this crazy bitch let me out of the hold.”

“With pleasure, Mr Denton,” Rocca retorted – POP! – dislocating the pilot’s left’ shoulder. She cast Denton away to the side of the platform, as if he were rubbish.

Diana gently began walking down the steps, “Now I know you’re nothing but a sadistic bully, Serena – just like all the other Nazis.”

Diana was obviously baiting Serena; and Rocca couldn’t help but rise to it.

“Come down here and say that eyeball to eyeball,” said Serena with menace.

Although Diana’s ruse appeared to be working, Serena was also a capable tactician who liked to win above all else. The Fourth Reich agent knew from first-hand experience that Wonder Woman was a considerable threat, therefore, when tossing Denton aside, she also covertly palmed two throwing stars off the rear of her belt.

In the dim lighting of the cavern, Serena wagered Wonder Woman wouldn’t see the stars, in time, as she approached. Rocca spun the first out of her hand, as a decoy, followed by the second, in a twofold attack. A flicker of light was all it took for Diana to instantly and instinctively raise her left arm to shield her face. The star smacked off her bracelet. However, Diana had no time – or maybe even awareness – of the second throwing star slung low into her left thigh, a split second later.

Wonder Woman paused on the lower steps and pulled the star out. There was no distance left for Serena to launch another. The opponents briefly looked at one another.

“Throwing stars,” said Diana, holding the weapon up in front of her, “I suppose I should have known you’d use your favourite weapon of attack. And what poison is this one laced with, I wonder?”

“A special form of chloroform developed by our labs in Antarctica, released from the tips on impact, which even you aren’t immune to,” taunted Serena.

“Wait a minute,” Denton said sitting up on the side of the platform, he unwittingly asked, “The same kind used to sedate Wonder Woman in the casket?” (See Wonder Woman in Antarctica).

A-ha! So you are in league together,” said Rocca, grabbing the pilot by the lapels and hurling him sideways off the platform.

Rapidly grabbing a supporting pole underneath the platform, by both hands, Denton managed to evert the fall to an almost certain death. He hung on with his legs flailing into space, unable to pull himself back up to safety. He could only cry for help. In agony, due to his newly dislocated shoulder, Denton wouldn’t be able hold on for long. Wonder Woman dashed to his aid, squatting down, to take hold of her suspended ally.

In a maddening rage of brutality, Rocca stabbed the tip of another throwing star in the side of Wonder Woman’s lower neck.

Argh!” Diana shrieked, while trying to keep hold of Denton.

It became apparent Serena was a more cunning an enemy than Diana had anticipated. She raised Texas’ upper-body upon to the platform, while turning around, to see Rocca plunging a further throwing star down towards her. Breaking back against the steel platform floor, Wonder Woman booted her oncoming attacker in her abdomen. The almighty kick sent Rocca flipping uncontrollably backwards over the top of the railings, and falling into the murky abyss, under the waterfall.

Phew!” said a relieved Texas, “Let’s hope she doesn’t call for help.”

“Like a lost siren,” Wonder Woman replied, but he never understood.

Her left leg and neck were numbing, but Diana’s attention was on getting Denton to safety, “Can you get up, Texas?”

“Yeah, I think so,” he said, climbing the railing to his feet.

Wonder Woman also stood, but as she reached full height, she stumbled on to the railings.

“Hey take it easy, sister, it’s a long way up,” said Denton, “Must be the chloroform working on you?”

“Yes,” Diana admitted, nodding her head with her eyes closed, “You know, I’m sorry for getting you into this, Texas.”

“You have nothing to apologise for,” Denton dismissed, “You saved my life, sweetheart. It was Diana Prince who put me on this madman mission.”

“Yes, Diana Prince, of course,” agreed Wonder Woman, opening her eyes, a little flustered.

Denton raised a crooked smile through his pain, “Let’s get the hell out of here while we still can.”

“I think I know a shortcut,” said Diana, “Do you trust me to carry you?”

Denton pointed upwards, “You mean?”

Wonder Woman put her left arm around his waist and they lifted off the platform. Floating above the cascading water, they found a way through the low arch at the top of the fall, back into the subterranean port. Like a racing spectre, they spirited up to the ledge on the top of the cavern where Diana had made her entry. A simple steep pass between the rocks led them out of a tunnel via a seemingly natural air vent, which Diana discovered in reconnaissance of the F.R.S.A, several days earlier.

In the idyllic shrubbery of Table Mountain National Park, Wonder Woman needed a little time to recover from the fatigue of the chloroform formula, before they took flight into the beautiful orange sunset.

For Part 3: click here


12 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #2

  1. First General comment: given The quality of The work i do not mind if it is becoming longer. Now comments on the chapter: 1 we finally know The origin of serena power. She is a gifted Athlete with further enhancement 2 as you anticipated there will Be no love competition between The two 3 Wonder woman makes irony of her opponent “like a Lost Siren” i hope se doesn’t believe it is over because i Think this is only The preliminary bout and The Siren is far from being beaten. Pay back is a bitch and serena is a tough one. Makes me Think to Rome: there Serena won The firsts confrontation Then Lost The Final one, here we started The other way. Just finished reading, deeper comments later. In any case: great work (as always)

    • Hi there,

      1. Yes, it was natural to explain Serena’s strength at that point 2. I wouldn’t imagine so 3. I think Diana suspects Rocca survived the fall. Wonder Woman isn’t short on enemies in this hornet’s nest. It’s a tough assignment!

      Thanks for thoughts and appreciation.

  2. Second group of comments: 1 it is clear that Seren despises Dood, Let’s if She will accept his new discover in terms of enhancement to Be able to beat Wonder Woman (given the not so positive out come of The first round) . I am assuming that She will find a way to survive her fall, her show-down with Wonder Woman has still to come 2 one of Woman Woman weekness (but is within her nature) is The fact that She is ready to die to save their friends and Even here She is in line with that 3 great psychological battle between The WW and Serena , as they were trying to test each other weekness (Serena pride and Diana goodness) 4 let us see The future effects of The chloroform , if any. General comments: great chapter with still a lot of elements to Be deployed on the battlefield by osinov, but my obvious greater expectation is The Final Last Woman standing match … thanks !!!!!

  3. 1. Tactically speaking, Serena was superior in this confrontation, but it’s difficult to beat a demi-goddess! I don’t think Diana appreciates Serena’s cunning, but she should do by now 2&3. I think you’re right in combat terms, both traits can hinder them in battle; conversely pride and fighting for good can make one more determined as well 4. There were certainly signs all was not well with Diana, but it won’t debilitating from the dose she took. Thanks, the next chapter will deal with the aftermath of the fight, and Diana goes undercover…

  4. Thanks ! Great job ! Can’t wait …

  5. Fine work thanks for restarting your WW story!!

  6. Merry christmas to The Author and to The readers !

  7. Happy new year to everyone! May The 2017 Be an fantastic year !

    • Thank you and to you too! In 2017, we have the first live theatrical Wonder Woman film to look forward to in the summer. In the mean time, we’ll be on the trail of Wonder Woman here. Happy New Year to everybody…

  8. Yes, it will be a WONDERful year …

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