Wonder Woman in Cape Town #3

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.


03 Bekgeveg!

Serena Rocca awoke, lying on a sloping rock face in a cave tunnel. Wet in her clingy black spandex, torn at the knees, she could feel the sea breeze whistling down from the light at the end of the tunnel – like a lost siren. Her boots sunk into the wet sand. The tide was out and only a draining stream ran over her feet. She trudged fourth towards the light.

The water chased and babbled downstream in echoes. This would usually have been of no significance to a hardened character such as Serena, but in this instance, she thought she could make out a coherent sentence. She stopped to listen; the chattering stream continued to talk.

I can help you,” Serena thought she heard a female voice say; and again.

Finding this strange, Serena called out, “Is there anybody there?”

I’m over here,” the voice answered, “I can help you.

Instinctively, Rocca spun on her heels to see the whites of somebody’s eyes staring back at her in a crevice of the tunnel.

“Stay back, I mean you no harm,” she said.

“Who are you?” Serena asked, “What are you doing there?”

“My name’s Del Hives and I wish to talk to you.”


“We have a mutual enemy – the seemingly invincible Wonder Woman – but follow my instructions and you could defeat her.”

“If she’s your enemy, why don’t you defeat her yourself?”

Del’s wild laughter rang out through the chamber, “I’m no fighter, like you, dear, I’m a scientist. In the case of Wonder Woman we need one another.”

“What do you want from me?”

Serena stood nonchalant, waiting for the answer.

“Try Dood’s new acquired formula, I developed it in Antarctica,” Del coyly revealed, then manically laughing, “It’s just what the doctor ordered!”

Hives may well have been on Rocca’s side, but the agent couldn’t bear her odd character any longer, she lunged towards the cave dweller. All Serena could grab was solid rock in the crevice where Del once stood. With no clue of where, or how Hives had escaped her clutches, Serena continued to make her way towards the light.


“Are you telling me nobody has reported the secret elephant breeding programme and tusk removal by FRSA?” said Diana Prince.

Wearing a formal white blouse with black pants, she was speaking to Lieutenant-General Magoro at Cape Town Central Police Station. Magoro was brown skinned, balding, with dark grey bags under his eyes. Near retirement age, the stocky police man looked exhausted in appearance and demeanour.

With his head bowed down at his desk the entire time, Magoro responded, “All I know is the FRSA are a reputable charity and Marat Osinov is a very respected gentleman around these parts. If the IADC – or any other foreign agency – have serious accusations against him, you better present me with firmer evidence than a witness who hasn’t showed.”

“As far as you know?”

“As far as I know, no report has been lodged.”

“Why do I think you’re holding out on me, General?”  Diana, bristly, said.

Tut! Young lady, let me remind you, this is not an interview or my trial. Now, I have given you my time due to the respect I have for your country, and in return I demand the same.”

Diana smiled, gracefully, aware she overstepped the mark, “I apologise, General, no disrespect intended. If you do get a witness come forward, I’d appreciate it if you’d call me on this number.”

The lieutenant-general was relieved to receive Diana’s call card, signalling her departure, “You’ll be the first to know.”

Once Diana had vacated the lieutenant-general’s office, he immediately made a phone call:

“You were right, Diana Prince was here, asking if a witness had come forward No, I told her nothing, but she suspects Yes, an accident is best, she’s a risk to all of us.”


On the street, Diana stepped into her waiting yellow taxi; a Toyota Prius V.

“Where to next, Miss Diana?” asked her driver.

“UCT Hospital, please, Themba.”

“Hope you’re not coming down with anything, Miss Diana?”

“Oh, no, I have friend in need.”

Pulling a pearly-white grin, away they went. The young man was more than happy to be driving multiple fairs for a lady as beautiful and sophisticated as Diana. On the opposite side of the street, a black BMW M3 set off behind them. Just under half an hour later, they entered the hospital grounds, by which time Diana knew she was being followed.

“I’ll be as quick as I can,” she told Themba, “Stay right here.”

On the first-floor Diana peered out the nearest window. She could see the BMW parked within viewing distance of her waiting cab. Two figures sat in the front of the vehicle: the passenger was difficult to make out due to the sun’s reflection off the glass; his accomplice, in the driver’s seat, Diana could see and did recognise – and it confirmed her suspicions.

“Adamski,” she murmured.

Texas Denton was less than enthusiastic about Diana’s arrival in his private room. He was dressed, sitting up on a hospital bed, unwrapping a gum with one hand and then slipping it into his mouth.

“Nice of you to show up, Prince. Where was the cavalry yesterday?”

“We appreciate the risk you took, Tex – and it’s Diana Prinsloo, remember?”

“Sure, whatever, doesn’t affect me now – as soon as you return my plane – I’m out of here.”

Perching herself on the side of the bed, Diana held Denton’s arm, “Oh, Tex, I have some bad news, the Federal Court aren’t letting you walk.”

Tex’s jaw dropped and skewed, as the implications of what Diana told him rang home. “HELL! Prince, are you telling me what I think you’re saying? I carried out that whole plan like you said, didn’t I? Flying halfway around the world to deliver a casket to the Fourth Reich – risking life and limb at the hands of a psychopathic mad woman, ALL FOR NOTHING?”

Diana nodded, compassionately, explaining, “You haven’t exactly been honest with us, Tex. They were willing to overlook your people smuggling, considering it was only a fare for you. That was before we knew you were wanted by the Chinese for illegal arms dealing – that’s serious, Tex.”

Denton wavered her hand off his arm, “I DON’T CARE, PRINCE, A DEAL IS A DEAL!”

“And an arms deal, means no deal – I’m sorry, Tex.”

“Geez! *expletive*, *expletive*. I knew I couldn’t trust YOU! You straight-laced are all alike, make-believe you’re holier than thou, and then pull the double-cross when you got what you’re after. GOD DAMN IT! Give me the honest dishonest any day – at least we’re honest about it!

ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME, PRINCE? Prince, what’s wrong? Hey, easy there …”

Diana slumped backwards into a chair next to the bed. She held her head in her hands.

Tex was up off his bed, “Here, try some water.”

“Thanks,” she said, taking the glassful, “Where was I? Are we still in the base?”

“What base?”

“Come on, Tex,” Diana replied, earnestly, “We’re still being held by the Fourth Reich in their secret base, right?”

Denton sat on the side of the bed, complexed, “You’ve lost me, Prince, you were never at the base.”

A janitor entered the room with what looked like a white shoe box. Diana kept her eyes shut with her head still in her hands, showing physical signs of distress.

“Thanks, this should make me feel a lot better” said Denton, taking the box.

Lifting his suede leather jacket, Denton turned his attention to Diana, “I think you need to see a doctor more than I do, Prince. My advice is take some time out, you work too hard.”

“I think you might be right,” she softly said.

Wrapping the box under his jacket, Denton proceeded to the doorway.

“See you around, Prince.”

He took one final glance at Diana, who hadn’t budged from the chair, and left.


A short time later, Diana appeared at the hospital main entrance. Themba pulled up at the kerb.

“Where to now, Miss Diana?” He enthusiastically beamed.

“Back to the hotel, I think,” she meekly instructed.

He pulled away and commented, “You don’t look so well, Miss Diana.”

“Oh, I’m fine, thanks, Themba – I just need some air.”

“It’s a beautiful day, Miss Diana, relax and enjoy the view.”

The view was a sight to behold; the M3 expressway carved its way through the foothills of Table Mountain; its imposing summit shrouded in cloud. Sat in the back of the cab, Diana noticed the BMW, in tow, as they made their way off the slip road bends on to the expressway.

In the rear window, Diana could no longer see their shadow. Seconds later, the BMW M3 had driven alongside the cab, in the overtaking lane. With the window open, a disfigured face of a man in the adjacent vehicle’s passenger seat was clearly visible, and so was the end of a silencer attached to a handgun he was holding.

“THEMBA, LOOK OUT!” Diana yelled, ducking for cover.

A shot fired; it had punctured the cab’s offside front tyre.

“WHAT THE …?” Themba tried to articulate.

He had more urgent matters, literally, in hand, trying to steer the cab in a straight line at high-speed. On an approaching left bend, the BMW swerved into them, buffeting the cab up a hilly verge, on the nearside, and, terrifyingly, flipping over. Spinning right around on its roof, the upturned taxi came to rest on the hard shoulder, smoking, in an eerie silence.

In the vehicle, Diana could see Themba was at least concussed. She detached her seat belt and her feet dropped to the ceiling. Diana felt a pulse in Themba’s neck with her first two fingers. Crouching on her knees, she tried the door, but it didn’t open, and neither did the one on the passenger side. Smoke vapours started to enter the cabin through the heater vents and so did a pungent stench of diesel – Diana knew time was short.

For Part 4: click here


6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #3

  1. These comments have been copied from the corresponding entry on the main page:

    Hi, just wanted to give a quick comment (please move this to where it has to be when The comment section after The story works): 1 good writing as always 2 will serena accept help in order to defeat her hated opponent. Quoting Machiavelli: the goal justifies The means (literal translation) 3 looks like wonder Woman will not BE in top form for The main event (and we know She will need to BE) . Final note: thanks for The effort, it was Worth to wait.

  2. These comments have been copied from the corresponding entry on the main page:

    Additional comment: nice choice for The title (i had to google traslate it).

  3. Hi there,

    1) Thanks. 2) I don’t think Serena is very Machiavellian, in nature, but she is extremely practical. 3) Yes, Diana is a little intoxicated and now she’s got diesel fumes to put up with.

    Thanks, some chapters are easier to write than others. This one was hard, as I kept making mistakes.

    Yes, I was pleased with the title.

    Thanks for your thoughts, always appreciated.

  4. Two more comments: 1 Denton really is the wild card in the whole scenario. Whose side will he be ? Let’s see. Then the myserious box …. 2 Serena’s encounter: great description, a real “pact with the devil”. Another topic: I started to try writing Wonder Woman stories. Currently they can’t be defined stories beacuse the are more summaries, more extended in some parts (fights and action scenes) less in others. Timing and location: a fantasy season four of the show, 1979. Let’s see how it will develop, if the outcome will be decent (which I am not sure …), I’ll post on a dedicated wordpress blog (looks like an ideal solution from the technical point of view). Thanks again.

    • Hi,
      1) A “wild card “is a good description. 2) Thanks, and yes, another good description.

      I wish you luck with your fantasy Season 4. WordPress is easier than Blogger, and doesn’t appear to have the page restrictions (so far). However, it isn’t allowing me (on this free version) to arrange the menus how I want them, which is annoying. I planned some reference pages for my stories, but can’t add them because it would disrupt the menu.

      Depending on what you have in mind, you may prefer posting on a fan fiction thread, such as in superheroineforum.com or fanfiction.net. The advantage of this is you get higher levels of feedback and community spirit for motivation. I’m lucky because I have your feedback, otherwise this would be quite a lonely place. The reason I don’t use a fan fiction forum is because I like to have a greater control of the material. Forums could disappear, whereas I think blogs are safer. I also think one can make a better presentation on a blog.

  5. Thanks ! Very useful.

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