Wonder Woman in Cape Town #5

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Table Mountain Sunset

05 Behlukunyezwa!

Close to dusk, a celestial sun began to set over Table Bay, illuminating the sky a grapefruit pink. It seemed a fitting backdrop to the contest about to arise in the shadow of Table Mountain. An unsettling sound of African tribal drumming bellowed out over the hills. Fiery lanterns were on the move down the pass.

“Good, the Xhosa are coming down off the mountain,” Osinov informed, “The men have been enacting their abakwetha ritual for months. They shall conveniently deal with the loser under my instruction.”

Dood enthusiastically clasped his rubbery hands, “You think of everything, Marat, I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to the most – the duel or the after-show entertainment!”

“Keep your wits about you, Dood!” reprimanded Osinov, “Wonder Woman has already made you look a fool once. Need I remind you of your confession to the police, eh? If it hadn’t have been for Magoro’s intervention, the whole operation would be in jeopardy.”

Hearing the praise, Magoro grinned with satisfaction, “I was only doing what you pay me to do, Mr Osinov.”

“I had no choice, Marat,” Dood protested, “This Wonder Woman’s a witch – she cast a spell on me.”

Aw, you’re as superstitious as these primitive native tribes – a doctor should know better. Wonder Woman used a simple mind trick on you – she won’t fool me, so easily.”

Shrugging his beefy shoulders, Dood slurped a large glass of beer.

Osinov took to the loud speaker, “We’re are waiting, Miss Prince. Show your true colours, da?”

Arms folded, in front of the viewing gallery, Diana coyly said, “I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, Osinov, but if I were you, I’d get a refund.”

“Denton!” Osinov ordered, “Kindly, persuade Miss Prince to drop the act.”

Texas reluctantly took the microphone, “Er, Diana, come on, babe, I’ve got a lot riding on this. We know your secret – just do the twirling thing, okay, no hard feelings?

“Save it, Judas!” Diana rebuffed.

“ENOUGH!” barked Serena, approaching from the far end of the arena, “If she is Wonder Woman, I shall beat it out of her.”

The Lost Siren slung her lengthy whip around Diana’s legs, in a lassoed hoop, that yanked her catch. The specialised white whip had stitched hundreds of sharp metal studs along its length, which gripped Diana’s long dress.  Falling flat on her back, Diana was hauled in the most undignified manner, through the sand, into Serena’s clutches, as cheering onlookers bellowed.

“You’ve ruined my dress, Siren” aped Diana, lying back in the dark grit, showing her enemy she wasn’t scared of her.

“I shall ruin your face next,” scowled Serena, “Wonder Woman, or no Wonder Woman.”

She picked Diana up by her jacket lapels, “You know I can break you in two, right?”

Glancing over to the far gate, Diana saw the tamed elephant, Grudge, being led out by a handler.

“Bring it on!” Diana said, smacking a handful of grit into Serena’s eyes.

Even with the Lost Siren’s immense power, all it took was simple stinging sand grains, stuck in her eyes, to temporarily halt her.

Legging the Lost Siren over onto her back – to the ‘ohhhs’ of the crowd – Diana mocked, “Next time, try wearing goggles out of the water!”

Exiting the stage while she still could, Diana dashed behind the closing gates, leaving Serena, embarrassingly, rubbing her eyes from under her half-mask.

Wonder Woman sky

In pursuit, the Lost Siren tore the gates back open.

“WHERE IS SHE?” Rocca roared at the elephant handler.

I-I don’t know, ma’am, she ran right past me into the woods,” he conceded.

From the viewing plaform, Osinov could see the Lost Siren throwing off her gloves in frustration.

“Guards search the woods, she can’t get beyond the electrified perimeter,” he ordered.

“Looks like you’re walking on thin ice, wouldn’t you say, Mr Denton? If Wonder Woman doesn’t show soon, I’m sure you’ll make a completely inadequate substitute.”

Texas gulped at the prospect. Fortunately for him, his selfish prayer was answered.

“Up there, on top of the wall, next to the gate,” pointed Denton.

It was Wonder Woman surveying the arena with her fists on her hips.

“Has the Lost Siren lost someone?” Diana said.

Glaring up at her, Serena put her gloves back on and fisted one hand against the other, “No one important.”


“I’ve been waiting a long time to knock you off your pedestal, Wonder Woman, now I get my chance.”

Diana concurred, “Well, with an invitation like that, how can I refuse?”

Wonder Woman dropped down into the arena.

“GUARD!” shrieked the Siren to everybody’s surprise.

An armed guard entered through the gate. Diana stood ready to defend herself from firearms, yet the Lost Siren’s intention turned out to be far more sporting.

“We are both women of honour,” Serena said, “I want to beat you fair and square.”

She detached her red belt and gave it to the guard, “Take it to the depot.”

“I have no need for my throwing stars, now, Wonder Woman, everything else is fair game.”

Diana nodded, “Understood, then, I won’t use my tiara against you.”

There appears to be an agreement – but not for long – I should think!” Osinov said, announcing the contest, “I thank all my guests in joining me for the main event of the evening, an exclusive duel between the most powerful super heroines known to man!

We have with us, all the way from Themyscira – wherever that is – and representing the United States of America – in her familiar star-spangled uniform – the current people’s champion – I give you none other than the legendary Wonder Woman!

The crowd excitedly cheered and jeered. Wonder Woman looked unimpressed, steely faced, waiting for the farcical event to start.

And the challenger,” Osinov continued, “From the Island of Belle Terra – in the white bodysuit and red mask – our very own legend – the Lost Siren!

This time the stand shook with foot thumping enthusiasm and applauds. Although, the Lost Siren was equally unmoved by her support.

In eager anticipation, Osinov officially began the contest, “This leaves me with nothing further to say, except, may the best woman win! And let the battle commence!


The duellers took to their combat formations. Some brief posturing, quickly, gave way to Wonder Woman bracelet blocking an assortment of aggressive kicks from the Lost Siren. The assault ended when Wonder Woman easily evaded Serena’s roundhouse move. Leaving her stretched with nothing but sand clouds for her efforts, Rocca turned her head and grimaced at her agile opponent.

Diana’s coy smile told its own story, “Is that it?”

Serena’s mood had considerably darkened since her sporting gesture, “I’m coming for you, Wonder Woman, I’m going to take your belt, and parade it in victory, as you lie on the ground dripping blood!”

“Talk is cheap, Siren, I would have thought you’d have known that.”


Charging Wonder Woman, again, Serena grasped her lasso convulsing cane from its leg holder. Rocca didn’t lash her target, but rather tried to bamboozle Diana from the air. Like a Chinese dragon, the whip loomed down, threateningly, over Diana as she defended herself against more of the Lost Siren’s powerful strikes.

To her frustration, Rocca had yet to permeate Wonder Woman’s defences. Nevertheless, this time, she had managed to force Diana back to the far wall. Serena was determined to box her slippery enemy into the wall – quite literally – throwing a right jab, and following through with a surprising left cross shot, straight into the concrete. Debris fell where the Siren’s fist had made a dent.

Arghhh!” Serena cried in an ambivalent mix of pain and anger.

The Lost Siren’s mistake allowed Wonder Woman to go on the offensive for the first time. She attempted to grab Serena’s right wrist, but the Lost Siren horizontally chopped into her golden girdle, bouncing Wonder Woman, haphazardly, backwards along the perimeter. The solid nature of the girdle gave Diana some protection, although, the sheer strength of Serena had startled her. The battle was psychological as well as a physical one.

In the viewing gallery, Dood complained, “Bah! Why have they stopped? I can’t see they’re too far away.”

“They won’t stay that way for long,” Osinov said.

The two combatants faced each other in another brief pause.

“You’re perspiring already,” observed the unusually talkative Siren, “What’s a matter? Scared?”

“Let’s just get on with this,” Diana insisted.

“I think you might be beginning to understand,” said Serena, taking hold of her cane. “You are my prey and I’m going to take you down!”

The aspiring huntress lashed her whip. Her anticipated target sprang sideways. She cast out, once more, but was no more successful – so Rocca angrily thrashed around multiple times – losing Wonder Woman in a fog of choking sand plumes.

If the idea were to force Diana into Serena’s court, it spectacularly backfired. Sprinting out of the dust cloud, Wonder Woman loped the lasso around her attacker, as she past her by.

“Two can play at that game,” Diana said, pulling the golden line, hard, “For future reference, this is how you lasso!”

It was a painful lesson to learn; the Lost Siren was uprooted off her feet, and swung through the air in a semi-circle, on the end of Wonder Woman’s lasso; and when the line was slacked, chaotically, gambolling and skidding over the grit like a rag doll, right in front of the audience.

Shrills echoed from the stand. The ragged Lost Siren lay grazed in the sand. She athletically hopped to her feet when Wonder Woman reined in the lasso. Exposed to spectators, where her nylon costume had ripped apart on her right side, revealing her matching G-string underwear, and the top half of her naked chunky buttock in plain view.

The spectacle wasn’t wasted on Osinov, “For all her antagonisms, Serena is a fine-looking woman, wouldn’t you say?”

“Ja, a perfect specimen,” Dood seedily agreed, “We’re enjoying the fruits of our labour, nee?”

His pitch unchanged, Osinov calmly gave Dood new instructions, as if he were talking about an endeavour as mundane as potting plants; “A shame, then, you’ll have to give Serena one last injection, if Wonder Woman doesn’t finish her first.”

Even Dood was surprised, “What? Why?”

“She’s too unruly for her own good. The super race must be obedient.”

“Then, I shall, reluctantly, consider it a necessary evil,” the doctor placated.


Aware of her hostile audience, Diana still decided interrogating Serena was a chance too important to miss.

She tightened the lasso, “Time to answer some questions, Siren, why are you suddenly so strong?”

Standing with her head down, sideways to Wonder Woman’s view, Serena looked humiliated by her situation.

It was all a ruse, “Stronger than YOU!” she snapped.

The cunning Siren had skilfully freed herself of Wonder Woman’s slacked lasso, when she jumped to her feet, and only made it appear like she was still bound. She yanked on the golden line. Wonder Woman resisted the force at the other end. The crowd roared into a rapturous response, as a mighty game of tug-of-war ensued.

“Oh, my god!” one of Denton’s blonde lovelies cried, “I had no idea, Mr Osinov was friends with Wonder Woman and the Lost Siren – this is electric – and it’s all for charity!”

“Yeah, mine,” Denton dismally replied.

The taut unbreakable lasso held steady between the extraordinarily strong adversaries. Notching up the pressure, Serena heaved the line. She had the protection of wearing tough gloves, but this also gave her less traction.

Wonder Woman felt the earth move under her feet. She dug her boot heels in and tugged the lasso as hard as she could muster. One could see the sheer determination in her face. It was beginning to pay off, the Lost Siren was on the back foot.

Diana yelled, “It’s my lasso, Siren, and I want it back!”

Serena never replied; as a sports psychologist may have put it, she was in ‘the zone’. Her gloves began to smoke, as the golden thread started slipping through her fingers, but the former professional athlete was no quitter. She gave a little more ground, so to wrap the line around her left wrist. Bending her legs, the Siren looked like she was water skiing on sand; her powerful thighs critical in equalling the resistance.

The equilibrium swung back again. Diana had already given it her all with little reward to show for it. Now Serena was ratcheting up the pressure. Leaning diagonally backwards, Wonder Woman felt her boot heels sliding through the grain, like a sledge in the snow.

“No! NO!” she cried out, trying to meet the Lost Siren’s relentless demand.

With such a skewed balance, Diana was about to have her footing swept away from underneath her. Leaning forward would risk giving Serena an unstoppable momentum, but she had little choice.

Sensing weakness, Rocca mightily wrenched the lasso, as soon as she felt the motion accelerating in her favour. Wonder Woman spring coiled across their divide, colliding into the Lost Siren. The crowd went wild.

Lying on top of the Lost Siren, Wonder Woman tried to pin her enemy down. Their faces grimacing at one another. Diana couldn’t quite get the hold. Serena’s pulsating biceps pushed up, managing to throw Wonder Woman away to her side. The Siren wrapped her bulky right arm around the back of Diana’s neck, whilst fiercely socking her in the mouth with her left fist. Wonder Woman’s usually perfect lips wept blood. Serena had been waiting a long time to land a punishing blow on Wonder Woman – and it felt good.

In response, Wonder Woman, stoically, pushed her powerful left thigh forward, over her enemy, and returning Rocca on her back. Diana couldn’t sustain the advantage. They rolled about in the sand, jostling for superiority. Grit clung to their sweating skin, their hair, their blood, and covered their outfits.

With the Lost Siren holding the length of Wonder Woman’s hair, they rose to their knees. Diana tried to take a close-range swing at her foe – but missed by a fraction – and flopped the pit of her arm over Serena’s shoulder. Seizing on the opportunity, the Lost Siren grasped Wonder Woman, by her thighs, and raised her off the ground. In a move, reminiscent of Serena’s former field event prowess, she swirled Diana right around and tossed her, like a human hammer, over the high fence of the stand.

Landing badly on her shoulder, in the staircase, next to a ‘woahing’ audience, the pain was clear to see on Wonder Woman’s face. Dusted in sand with grazes on her arms, and her lip dribbling blood down her chin, the audience gasped at the sight of the famous super heroine.

Stepping down from the viewing platform, into the stand, Denton pushed through to the front of the spectators.

“Wonder Woman, are you okay?” he asked.

Diana’s eyes of blue ice gave him daggers. She had no time to reply, anyway, with the Lost Siren climbing up over the fence. As Rocca landed, Diana managed to leap upon the adjacent wall, and began to make her way along the perimeter.

Serena was having none of it, “GOING SOMEWHERE, COWARD!”

She took her cane from her leg holder and hurled it towards Wonder Woman. The tip of the whip caught the back of Diana’s right leg. She halted for a second, before toppling off the twenty-foot-high wall, back down into the arena.


The Lost Siren stood over Wonder Woman who was scrambling about in the sand, attempting to get to her feet. Serena’s devastating victory, surely, all but assured. She hoisted Wonder Woman to her feet and propped her against the wall.

“Do you concede?” the Siren asked.

Briefly looking up at her, Diana pitifully said, “I’m exhausted!”

“Do you concede?”

Her head bowed, Diana replied, “I’m exhausted, Mother.”

“Eh, what?”

“Mother, I’m exhausted,” Diana moaned.

Unscrewing the cap off the top of her cane, it wasn’t long before Serena had an explanation for Wonder Woman sudden confusion.

She turned to the audience, “YOU RAT, DOOD! You rob me of my greatest victory. My cane has been filled with your chloroform derivative – against my wishes.”

“It was an insurance policy and an experiment,” Dood coyly responded, “We wanted to see if the potent formula would tame Wonder Woman, like it does, our elephants.”

“You were magnificent,” interjected Osinov, applauding, “You would have won either way.”

“No matter,” said Serena.

“Turn around,” she ordered Diana.

When she failed to oblige, Serena manhandled Wonder Woman into facing the wall with her hands up above her head. Rocca forced Diana to widen her legs by kicking her boots apart. She naturally had little patience for detaching the delicate binds that secured Wonder Woman’s girdle around her waist, but in this case, she was dedicated, as the symbolism was everything. Her persistence paid off. The last link undone, the Lost Siren ripped the girdle from Wonder Woman’s waist.

“My girdle!” Diana meekly protested.

Rocca clutched Wonder Woman by the arm, and threw her on to the sand.

“Get down on the ground where you belong,” Serena said, “You’re not fit to stand in my presence!”

When Wonder Woman tried to rise to her feet, the Lost Siren thrashed the top of her back with the whip, leaving a slash mark along her width. Diana whinged like a child.

“I told you I would defeat you and take your belt – now I have.”

Serena flogged Wonder Woman’s back again. A second slash mark blighted Diana’s beautiful skin, but this time the Amazon princess lay still, succumb to her poisoning.

Satisfied that she was victorious, the Lost Siren held Wonder Woman’s girdle up in the air. The audience burst into a whooping frenzy of applauds.

Through the loudspeaker, Osinov officially announced the result, “The duel is over. Wonder Woman has lost. The people have a new champion – I give you the Lost Siren – the most powerful super heroine on Earth!

For Part 6: click here


14 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Cape Town #5

  1. Just one word for non: GREAT chapter with intense action and emotions

  2. First batch of comments, but first I reiterate my judgement: best chapter ever ! Great mix of action but also a lot of potential new angles for the story’s future development 1 behlukunyezwa and abakwetha: clearly nothing good for Wonder Woman judging from google translator 2 looks like alliances, maybe temporary or opportunistic, are still in evolution 3 where Osinov’s twin will show up ? Will he be good or bad ? 4 my impression: Wonder Woman was never in the fight, like she knew she was doomed and about to be outmatched. Despite some bold word (in any case Serena was better even in this department) she looked almost always on the defensive, from the beginning till the final escape tentative 5 At the end of the fight (but also in the beginning) Wonder Woman was probably really afraid because for the first time she is showing hateful beahviour (referring to the beahviour and words towards Denton 6 escape tentative: really not very amazonian, another proof she was really scared 7 yes, Serena was robbed of a fair victory who for her was so important (see when she gives back her star belt) Men didn’t trust her: looks a lot like Fausta situation in the tv series 8 again in the fight: Serena was stronger (tug of war) and the better fighter . Enough for now but this chapter deserves more (then writing from an iPad it’s not easy). Thanks again !!!

    • Hi there, I’m so glad you rate this chapter so highly. I know you were hoping for a rematch.

      1) Yes, I’m not sure how well I’m doing with these translations. Behlukunyezwa is meant to mean ‘brutal’, or something similar, in Xhosa. 2) Yes, everyone has their own agenda. Like Magoro, who’s just a greedy, corrupt, police chief. 3) I haven’t forgotten him! 4) Hold that thought! We may want to discuss this again in a later chapter. 5) Denton did set Diana up and betrayed her. I think she was quite right! 6) Was she scared or just in retreat? Maybe a bit of both? 7) I felt almost sorry for Serena! Defeating Wonder Woman was the only reason she came back. I can’t remember the Fausta reference – but I shall watch the episode this week. 8) I concur, the Lost Siren was better all round in this fight. It’s just very frustrating for Serena that she never won “fair and square”. This was her chance!

      Thanks for the insightful comments!

  3. Thomas Monaghan

    Excellent continuation!!

  4. Another batch of comments (I have to admit that I liked the chapter so much, that I re-read it another time): 1 strange as it may be but it lloks like in this particular arena Wonder Woman is not the fan favourite, this is clear since the initial crowd reaction, much much more in favore of the Lost Siren 2 Wonder Woman’s change of attitude. At a second reading I noted how it changed during the fight: from the initial “with an invitation like that, how can I refuse” and her classic pose with her fist on her hips (as she was as confident as always) to the “it’s my lasso, Siren and I want it back” (is she beginning to feel that Serena has an advantage ?) to the “No, NO” (is this the moment when she realized she can’t win ?)to the final tentative escape (she is called coward), letting aside the final part, where also due to the choloroform effect she was scared and mousy 3 during the fight, especially in the tug of war it is clear the difference between the mental attitude of a top level athelete and a woman with superpowers 4 “Ihave no need for my throwing stars” sounds a lot like Marcia’s in the tv pilot “I don’t need a gun to take you Wonder Woman”, the only difference is that Serena proved to be right 5 I like the description of the way Texas is understanding that he found himself in a game too big for him, where he is totally expendable 6 looks like Wonder Woman was beaten also in the field of physical appearances, at least from the spectators reaction in the scene where her g-string is exposed. Thanks again. Now that she reached her lowest (stripped of her belt and title, prisoneer and about to meet a stange ritual, currently alone and whitout friend, not counting maybe Denton) I am curious to read how Wonder Woman will be able to survive and / or the reclaim her belongings …

    • Good to know it’s entertaining enough to read more than once!

      1) Due to a mixture of Fourth Reich and their guests 2) Yeah, it was a gradual realisation. The only time Wonder Woman was really in it was when she used her favourite weapon, the lasso. At that point she thought she had it in the bag, but Serena is tactically very smart as well as strong. The tug-of-war was the turning point. Also, I think the Siren’s punch really hurt Diana. 4) Correct, I’m glad you noticed this because that’s how it was written. Diana is an Amazon, but she’s been away from home a long time, and most enemies don’t trouble her; she’s not used to it. 5) Yep, Tex is in too deep. In fact, he always seems to be! 6) Haha! Yes, the audience enjoyed the view! Serena is an attractive lady, especially if you like women with big muscles!

      Thanks again for your informed comments. As this story is looking like it might be eight chapters, I’ll try to be a bit quicker with updates.

  5. On point 6 “her” is referred to the Lost Siren

  6. Another comment. This time an elaborated one about the huge difference between Wonder Woman and Lost Siren view about fighting an opponent (all point with the most relevant example).
    1 Use of violence. Diana despises violence. To get information she uses the more pacific instruments of the lasso. Serena believes violence it’s the best way to persuade people and she likes to use it. To Tex – “I’ll break you into pieces, unless you tell the truth about what happened in Antarctica?” – and – “With pleasure, Mr Denton,” Rocca retorted – POP! – dislocating the pilot’s left’ shoulder. – and to Diana – “If she is Wonder Woman, I shall beat it out of her.”
    2 Necessity to fight Diana sees fights as an instrument of last resort, a sometimes unavoidable way to make justice prevail. To Marsha: – Diana shook her head, “Oh, Marsha, if ever a woman deserved to get hit,” -Serena likes to fight for the fight itself, she sees it as a way to assess her superiority over someone. To Wonder Woman: – “I’ve been waiting a long time to knock you off your pedestal, Wonder Woman, now I get my chance.”
    3 Behavior toward a fight. For Diana it’s almost a game, a sporting competition. To Petra – “I do like to rise to the challenge,” Diana said, sportingly. For Serena is a much rougher game. To Wonder Woman: – “I’m coming for you, Wonder Woman, I’m going to take your belt, and parade it in victory, as you lie on the ground dripping blood!”
    4 Violence during the fight. Wonder Woman seems almost never taking her gloves off, conscious of her superior strength. Not by chance, as long it is possible, she tries to use her lasso to end her battles. Most of times she is concerned not to hurt her opponent. In her first battle with Serena – Wonder Woman had contained her aggressor, so far, now it was time to act. Serena loves to inflict pain. – Serena had been waiting a long time to land a punishing blow on Wonder Woman – and it felt good.
    5 Dialogue during the fight. Wonder Woman finds a way to be most of the time almost ironic. To Petra: – “In need of some fresh air?” said a rejuvenated Diana, “Allow me …” – and – “I bring you bad news,” said Wonder Woman, “You’re about to expire.”. On the other end Serena’s dialogue are much more tense (note that most of the times she doesn’t speak, she snaps). To Wonder Woman: – “Stronger than YOU!” she snapped. – and – “GOING SOMEWHERE, COWARD!”
    6 Opponent respect. Wonder Woman respects her opponents (maybe not Marsha, but that is another story). Concerning Serena. – Diana admired Serena for her warrior spirit, but knew she had to seize the opportunity to end the dangerous threat. Serena’s view about Wonder Woman is a little different: – “Get down on the ground where you belong,” Serena said, “You’re not fit to stand in my presence!”
    7 Finishing her opponent. After her victory in Rome Wonder Woman let Serena escape – “Where’s your strong girlfriend?” he asked. “Oh, she’s just gone downstairs,” Wonder Woman smiled. The very same Serena who few moments before was about to finish her: – “Where are you going?” he asked. “I’m getting rid of the rubbish,” came the reply. ….. none of which would prevent her hatefully tossing her enemy all the down, below, to a certain death. – Even in this battle she is not happy with the victory but she wants to humiliate and physically abuse her defeated opponent in front of everyone: – When Wonder Woman tried to rise to her feet, the Lost Siren thrashed the top of her back with the whip, leaving a slash mark along her width. Diana whinged like a child … Serena flogged Wonder Woman’s back again. A second slash mark blighted Diana’s beautiful skin, but this time the Amazon princess lay still, succumb to her poisoning.
    Having seen all the difference between the two women characters’ and especially considering Serena’s characteristics, my opinion (but of course we will have to see the Author’s one) is that Serena could (I say “could” and not “can”) temporarily become an ally or help Diana for her own convenience but there is no chance she can become her friend or respect her. Thanks again for the effort and the time dedicated to the work.

    • I like and appreciate the way you dissect these stories.

      1) Correct on both. They have opposing ethoses, which why they fight the way they do. Diana will defend herself and attack, only as her best form of defence, whereas for Serena’s violence is usually the solution to the problem. 2) Yes, Serena is all about physical power. She wants to be the best. The desire is so potent that she took Dood’s experimental drugs and lost her athletic career as a result. She knew she could never beat Wonder Woman without equalling the balance, and now received these new injections, which has given her superpowers. For her drugs are another tool. Beating Wonder Woman is the test and above all a matter of pride. 3) They have both been raised as gladiators, in a sense. Serena is a modern gladiator from the sporting world, who’s been taught winning is everything.To Diana winning isn’t everything because what she’s been taught places greater importance on truth, justice, and compassion. 4) Yes, good point, Serena gets a high like no other from skilfully landing the blows and defeating her opponents – I think she was bored working at the hotel, in the Lost Siren story. 5) Absolutely, it definitely shows the contrasts in their temperaments. To me Diana has a quick wit, which can be quite ironic. She can be mocking to her enemies, but, importantly, never callous like James Bond could be. Serena is too intense show much humour, but occasionally she does use it as part of her sadistic nature 6) For Diana respect is given and dependent on the subsequent behaviour. Respect is earned as far as Serena is concerned – and she evidently wasn’t impressed with Diana by the end of the duel. 7) No, I can’t see them ever being friends either. It’s unclear whether Serena is an out and out psychopath, but she is completely self-serving. This is not the type of person Diana would want to know…

      Thanks, again, for astute observations…

  7. Yes I do like to analyze details and the outcome of my analysis is very positive. Everything is consistent, well thought and described. Compliments, great job.

  8. This was a fantastic chapter. Wonder Woman in peril or in defeat is one of the best parts a person could read, because from the 2nd season and onwards it almost never happened and so it’s a refreshing take and switcharound on the “can’t ever be beat” formula which led to the serie’s cancellation in 1979.

    • Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you like it. I always thought superhero stories need some sort of peril. If they are completely invulnerable, it’s less entertaining. I think it can be almost as boring if the superhero is in peril too often, but I agree the CBS Wonder Woman series played it much too safe…

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