Wonder Woman in Tokyo #1

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.


01 Luck Exists in the Leftovers

It’s amazing what’s hurtling about in close orbit above the Earth. Ever since the first satellite was successfully launched, in 1957, the outer atmosphere has been accumulating space junk. This has made collisions a far more frequent occurrence. Even the smallest objects can be destructive.

At NASA Wallops Flight Facility, in Virginia, Captain Roger Macintosh sat observing Monday unmanned lunar module make its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. His sharp eye caught a puff of smoke shoot diagonally away, moments before the NASA control room was alerted to a systems failure.

The frantic staff did what they could to reconnect with the rocket. Macintosh sat motionless, as he watched the large monitor showing the module now descending over Asia.

“Looks like this is going to be your call, Captain,” said the base commander.

“Japan, the Chubu region,” predicted Mackintosh,

“We can be thankful it wasn’t North Korea,” the commander replied, “If the wrong hands were able to find such material, all hell could break loose.”

“They’ll be on their way within the hour,” Macintosh estimated, “Gentlemen, the race to contain the United States’ lunar secret has just begun.”


A portly uniformed officer emerged from the undergrowth, “Kay-I, we meet again,” he said, “You’re quicker than even the top man in my division.”

The girl looked at him with absolute revulsion, “Taewi Sim, you disgusting pig! I should kill you now.”

Sim put his hand out to touch Kay-I. She grimaced by reflex.

“I see you still haven’t forgiven me for my peculiar teaching methods, huh? Well, you show some respect or I’ll be reporting back that you need more of my interrogative conditioning, huh?”

The girl looked straight through him; she felt his hand caress her bare shoulder.

“That’s better,” he approved, pulling down her shirt strap to reveal her erect left nipple in the coldness.

He fondled her modest mammary, hissing “I’ve missed this.”

He then withdrew his hand without any further provocation.

“We have been selected by the People’s Republic for undercover reconnaissance in Japan,” Sim informed, “You have been chosen because you are fluent in Japanese and highly trained in mountain warfare.”

He peered at her, keenly, “We will be married right away and assume South Korean identities, then fly to Tokyo, on honeymoon.”


Welcome to Japan, Captain Macintosh,” greeted the Director of Defence Operations, “I must confess I was expecting you earlier with your colleague.”

“My colleague?” he replied, looking puzzled.

“He means me!” said Marsha Cross, loudly, striding into the large office, “I thought you’d have known the IADC has been assigned ensure the safe return of United States property.”

“No, I was not informed,” the captain sternly said, “I need no assistance.”

Marsha stood poised for a response with her hands landing firmly on her sides. She wore a cleated, low cut lime dress with a bulky black belt, accompanied by a chunky golden necklace and large earrings.


But Macintosh wasn’t the kind to make an unnecessary scene. He had met the pushy Miss Cross once before and wasn’t surprised his superiors had gotten the I.A.D.C involved. Besides, he had much more pressing questions on his mind.

“Have you located the Monday yet, Mr Sung?”

“Chubu National Park, near Giro, Captain. Your country wishes to fly you there, right away.”

Macintosh turned to Marsha, “Well, I suppose you’re coming along?”

“You better believe it,” she replied.


Somewhere in the Tokyo district of Roppongi lies a shady club, called The Black Circle, which hosts some of the biggest criminal fraternity in Japan. It has a cosmopolitan edge and is regularly visited by vagabonds from all around the globe; earning it the affectionate title of the meeting place for the world’s most wanted.

“Believe me, Mr Kimura, you and your family shall be well rewarded for what is, in effect, little more than a courier job,” enticed Mr Lin.

Masato Kimura stroked his finger down his vertically lined beard, in considering the proposal, “I still don’t understand why you, Mr Lin, simply don’t go?”

“It should be obvious that my presence could incite an international incident. Remember, my role, here, is officially a diplomatic one.”

“I don’t like taking big risks. Until now my family has managed to avoid US interference.  Any reward you can offer won’t be worth a fraction of what I could lose if my American operation was closed down.”

Jianguo Lin was an influential little man, but not much of a diplomat, “Must I remind you, without the shipping in and out of China, you wouldn’t be making a profit at all. Now, I need you to be China’s courier.”

Kimura was agitated, “Listen, you make a lot of money off our back. You’re well rewarded.”

“Promotion has a reward of its own, don’t you think?” Lin countered.

In silence, Kimura’s irritable cheeks began flinching, as he thought up his next move, “Okay, Mr Lin, the Black Circle will play courier as a token of goodwill – but don’t push me.”

“We shall show our gratitude, Mr Kimura,” Lin assured, bowing his head.


The rain was pounding down at Yokota Air Base, when Macintosh and Cross climbed into a US military helicopter for their flight to Giro. It was a Bell UH-1 Iroquois that looked like it had seen better days.

“Oh, man,” groaned Marsha, “Is this rust bucket even sound?”

“You can always stop here,” dismissed Macintosh, “I flew the Huey in the Gulf and it’s a completely dependable aircraft.”

“You don’t get rid of me that easily,” she warned from a backseat.

They were soon lifting into the sky, flying west, across Tokyo. Mackintosh was checking the co-ordinates with the pilot, Warrant Officer Larry, while Marsha clung on for dear life.

“Oh my God, lightning!” exclaimed Marsha.

“Just enjoy the view, Miss Cross,” said Mackintosh, unsympathetically, as they entered the Chubu National Park.

Even in the treacherous conditions, the rich green valleys, cultivating fresh flowing rivers, weaving down like threads from the mountains, was spectacular scenery.

However, Marsha couldn’t appreciate it, “Hey, are we there yet, I think I’m going to be sick.”

The captain showed little concern, “There’ll be a bucket in the back.”

A sudden explosion shattered throughout the aircraft. The Huey dipped headlong towards the Earth. Marsha screamed loudly. Macintosh was clinging to the controls. The pilot was out cold.

“Oh my God, we’re going down, we’re going down!” yelled Marsha.

“I have no control, we’re spiralling,” admitted the captain with the faintest timbre of panic in his voice.

Another explosion blew fire out through the engine. The helicopter was now in the hands of gravity. They waited for the inevitable but, luckily, it never occurred. Instead, a croaking thud vibrated the undercarriage, similar to a ship crashing through high waves. Inexplicably, the craft steadied just before landing, gently touching down in the valley.

Nevertheless, the fire was still raging. There was no time to ask questions, they needed to leave.

“Damn, I can’t unfasten Larry!” Macintosh yelled.

“Don’t worry about it, I have it.”

“Marsha, get out of here!” he insisted.

“I’m not Marsha and I have everything under control,” informed Wonder Woman, lifting the stricken pilot on his seat by its hinges.

Macintosh looked twice to see the most breath-taking beauty smiling back at him. He found himself momentarily lost in her magnificence, while something in her ocean blue eyes encouraged him to act on her every word – and her words were, “Let’s get clear of the helicopter.”

Marsha, Macintosh, and Wonder Woman carrying Larry in his seat, ran for cover. Before they could turn around the Bell UH-1 boomed into a gulf of flames.

“I must admit that was closer than I would normally like,” Wonder Woman said, cheerily.

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4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #1

  1. Great start as expected: let assess the situation for wonder woman. Two teams of enemies in front and friends (marsha ?) to watch her back. Hmmmm …

  2. Waiting patiently and confidently for the next chapter (please …), in the meanwhile I try again a game I like: auctioning for roles. Here we go:

    Marsha: confirmed, Pam Grier in her early/mid forties

    Captain Macintosh: lee majors as in six million dollars man

    Kay-I: Gail Kim the tna and wwe wrestler

    Mr kimura: john lone from the year of the dragon

    Bye, waiting and hoping ….

    • Hello loyal reader,

      Circumstances has encouraged me to neglect my current story, but I have every intention to complete it.

      Amazingly, Macintosh was based on Lee Majors! That’s perceptive of you. I guess it’s the Steve Austin astronaut origin is what did it for both of us.

      Gail Kim has a similar facial appearance to how I imagined Kay-I; she would surely like to be Gail if given the chance. Kay-I is shorter and thin.

      John Lone works as Kimura too – although Kimura isn’t quite as good looking – they would need to rough him up in make-up!

      So well done, you’re very good this, especially as I haven’t given a lot description in this first chapter.

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