Wonder Woman in Tokyo #2

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

02 Continuance is Power


Wonder Woman laid the warrant officer down in some woods. She removed the pilot’s glasses and caressed his forehead.

“Is he going to be all right?” asked a shaky Marsha.

“Well, he’s concussed,” Wonder Woman informed, “He must have hit his head when you were attacked.”

“Attacked?” Macintosh echoed, “We were hit by a bolt of lightning.”

Diana finished to attending Larry, “No, I’m afraid you were shot down.”

“Oh, God, damn!” shrieked Marsha, “I’ve broke a nail. Do you know how long it takes to get these looking this good?”

“Then, whoever they are, they’re still likely to be close by,” Macintosh continued.

“I’m afraid so,” Diana agreed.

Marsha started patting her jacket, “Man, this is designer and it’s ruined. Wet through and smells like July the fourth.”

Once again, she was ignored, “You know, I never thought I’d meet Wonder Woman,” the captain confessed, “You’re every bit as amazing as they say you are – and you saved our lives.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” interrupted Marsha, sarcastically, “But what is Miss Amazing doing here? How did she know about our mission – ‘cause, I’m telling ya, brother, I didn’t dial her up. ”

The captain ran his hand through his mound of silver hair, “Well, she does have a point,” he said, reluctantly, “I assume you’re an American agent of some kind?”

“That’s something I’ve noticed about you, Captain,” interjected Marsha, “You assume too much. But let me tell ya, fella, in the spy business ya can’t assume anything.”

She then turned her attention to Wonder Woman, “Do you know my late vexed bro, Christopher Dalton, had a whole incriminating file on this less than wonderful woman – and guess what? (See Wonder Woman in Rome) He allegedly committed suicide for her. I’m telling ya, man, there’s no way he would sacrifice himself for a hoe he hated as much as this bitch!”

Wonder Woman stood up, crossly, “So it was you who passed confidential files on to Christopher?”

“See, she even admits it!” Marsha triumphantly trumpeted .

The tension in the air was palpable, although, somewhat dispersed by a soft voice calling, “Konnichiwa.”

A small young woman greeted them. She wore a straw hat with simple peasant clothes.

“You are Americans,” she said, “I know why you’re here, the spaceship that fell from the sky?”

“Do you know where the wreckage is?” asked Wonder Woman.

“Yes,” confirmed the girl, “I can take you there.”

Marsha screwed her face up, “Listen, missy, I’m not going any place ‘til this weather improves and we contact base. Do ya know how much these extensions cost me?”

“Then, you can stop here and tend to the warrant officer. Keep trying to contact base with your cellphone.” ordered Macintosh, abruptly.

They followed their guide out of the woods to the sound of Marsha whining, “Nobody tells this sista what to do.”

Chubu National Park

Soon they were back in the wilds of the hills. The rain belted down on them like whips lashing their backs. Macintosh and Wonder Woman towered over their puny escort. At similar heights, he couldn’t help but notice the way the tepid rain showered off Wonder Woman’s creamy shoulders and down her majestic cleavage; he noticed but a gentleman never stares. At 48 years old, Macintosh’s dalliances with women had been few and far between. He was a handsome bachelor whose priority had always been to Uncle Sam.

Around the hillside from the burning wreckage of the helicopter, the remains of the Monday module sat in a newly formed crater. As the trio made their way down, they could see the black mangled mess, resembling an extinguished bonfire.

“I did intend to use my tools to open the storage container – this is what we’re really interested in – it should have withstood the landing,” the captain explained.

“Allow me,” Wonder Woman said.

The amazon pulled away the sheets of metal, as if she was opening window curtains. Inside, the debris, lay a waist high steel box, which Diana rightly assumed was the container. The front of the box had a door with a molded handle. She could have broken it wide open, but was more thoughtful than that.

“What exactly is inside here, Captain?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Something that needs to be handled with great care, I’m just glad we are the first to get here.”

He was about to suggest calling backup at the nearest village, when they were disturbed by the distinctive screeching of Marsha in the distance. Wonder Woman sprang out of the crater to catch Marsha in her arms.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” the distressed I.A.D.C agent breathlessly gasped, “It’s Larry, he’s been shot dead. Man, the bullet came out of nowhere.”

“Where?” Diana asked in earnest.

“The woods, man, where he lay.”

“Stay here and keep covered.”

Immediately, Wonder Woman set off, sprinting across the hillside. Diana was sure she had returned to the clearing where they had gathered, but the warrant officer was nowhere to be seen. She was about to give up when she noticed a blood trail leading deeper into the woods; intrigued, she followed.


In the meantime, Marsha was did her best to assist the captain; much to his annoyance.

“Hey, man, is t’is what people are killing for, a burnout box?”

“Just stay back, the material inside could be dangerous,” replied Macintosh, checking the seals around the container.

The sound of an engine was heard in the distance, getting louder. Their short guide crept into the crater. They were expecting her to inform them of a vehicle approaching; however, she had quite a different understanding.

“Why don’t you both move away from the box,” she instructed.

She aimed a handgun at them for their motivation. From the rear of the module, a male colleague appeared who also clutching an automatic.

“I advise you, Americans, to do as Kay-I says, she knows no compassion when she kills,” said Taewi Sim.

Reluctantly, they did as they were told. Sim searched them; Macintosh handed over his handgun.

“Now, you big guy, will help me carry the container on to my truck. Black woman, don’t be tempted to try anything in front of Kay-I.”

“I’m telling ya, there’s no way I’m gonna risk my life for charcoal scrap metal,” she stated.

The two men lifted the heavy box on to the open back of Sim’s truck. Marsha chewed air, trying not to look intimidated by her robber’s gun nozzle. As soon as Macintosh returned, Kay-I reversed out of the crater.

“Man, thank God,” uttered Marsha, “I thought ta bitch was gonna kill me.”

Macintosh remained silent, as he scrambled up after them, to hear the noise of the truck fade back into the humming of the valley.

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5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #2

  1. GREAT second chapter aimed to prepare the real action in the following ones: PERFECT appetizer with still a lot of things / characters to be properly addressed / evaluated

    Main one: is really Marsha such a “unuseful bimbo” or is she just playing possum before striking ? This could be her external surface but she could be hard as nails when needed (no pun intended with reference to her broken nail). Don’t forget she is a former IADC operative agent ….

    Best moment of the chapter: discussion between an enraged / bitchy Marsha and a very calm Diana (the scene really looks like coming out of the tv screen as part of the show).

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, rooting for a faster pace but as always I’m not pushing anyone, Author take your time ….

  2. Thank you, always worth doing if somebody enjoys it. I’m excited by the next chapter. The updates should be (almost) weekly now, as I’m aiming to finish the story before the end of the year.

  3. Great news as far as the updates are concerned.
    About the next chapters: I had a kind of premonition today about a potential fight scene based in Tokyo but i do not want to spoil a potential develompment telling to the other readers what I imagined. So, disciplinately, I’ll wait the end of the whole story then we’ll see if my vision was right.

  4. Today’s toughts.

    Marsha’s character (not physical resemblance but just the attitude) in this second chapter: more Queen Latifah in “Bringing down the house” than Pam Grier

    Wonder Woman’s going into the woods: last time she followed a track she met Cardinal Mendo. Who / what is she going to meet this time ….

    Time (and the Author) will tell ….

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