Wonder Woman in Tokyo #4

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Boxing Ring

04 Wake From Death and Return to Life

“Ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention please,” requested the announcer, “It is time for the barbarian to emerge from the shadows, once again, to GRATIFY the primitive in all of us.


The audience went ballistic for the Swine’s arrival in the downstairs hall. Shrouded in a black and red cape, any illusion of civility was dismissed when he performed his trademark bite into a raw pork leg and held it up to the crowd as a victorious symbol of neo-primitive thinking; the animal’s blood dripping down he’s mighty jaw; anger coursing through his veins; hatred spewing from his face at the first sight of his female opponents – it wasn’t always this way.

As a teenager, Osamu Chiba yearned for the affection of the opposite sex. Chubby with a horrendous facial disfigurement it was his own object of affection who first dubbed him as the Swine, due to his disproportionately large flared nose and nostrils. Heartbroken, he threw himself into his one other passion of life, sumo wrestling. The profession should have brought the success and popularity he could never achieve in his personal life, except he couldn’t quite control his destructive urges, leading to the death of his nearest rival, live on air; Chiba severed his opponent’s carotid artery by a neck bite.

Branded a monster by the press, the Swine retreated to the relative exile of yakuza gangs. Seeing the potential profit in such a reviled character, Masato Kimura arranged all legal fees and got him a sympathetic hearing. He was released free to taste the sickly-sweet pleasure of killing time and again, as an exclusive asset of the Black Circle.

“We have a special treat for the Swine, tonight,” enticed the announcer , “Not one but two brave ladies – both highly trained in unarmed combat – will risk their pretty necks to face the Swine. I GIVE YOU DIANA PRINCE AND KAY-I!”

Twenty minutes earlier, Kay-I stood guarding the container salvaged from the Monday module, in the storeroom of the Black Circle club.

“How do you know we can trust these people to ship the cargo?” she edgily asked Taewi Sim, on his return, “These are gangsters, gamblers, pirates, they’re bad people.”

“Do not concern yourself with my business,” came the sharp reply.

“Remember, your position as my wife,” said Sim, breathing, lustfully, on the back of the girl’s neck, “But still you flinch at my every affection.”

Kay-I glared at him and said, “I have never wanted you.”

“Still the insolent one, well, so be it. You have outlived your usefulness – I’ve agreed you should be given the chance to duel a sumo wrestler to the death. He has never lost, you won’t win.”

The captain pulled a bitter smile of satisfaction, and turned to go, but Kay-I had no intention of bowing to her fate so easily. She swung Sim around by the arm, sending him, sprawling, backwards against some beer barrels. A front kick to the gut crumpled the stodgy soldier to his knees. But Kay-I hadn’t finished yet, she fastened him in a choking headlock and ripped off the top from one of the barrels.

“No, no, no,” Sim protested, as she forcibly submerged his face into the beer.

“Why are we really here, scum?” she demanded to know.

Kay-I yanked Sim’s head up for air by his hair.

I-I I’ve done a deal with the Black Circle to sell the box to the Chinese. They’ll kill you, you should go, Kay-I, you should go,” he gasped.

The disturbance hadn’t gone unnoticed: two big Black Circle doormen burst in the stores, brandishing handguns, to see a short young woman dunking Sim’s head back under the beer. Although at risk of being shot, Kay-I couldn’t resist handing her former captain a thick lip on his way to the floor.

The brief assault on Sim would never make up for the years of subjugation inflicted on Kay-I, and the other girls under his control, but the immense relief was liberating. She stole one last look at Sim’s groaning, open-mouthed agony, when she was led away to face the Swine.

Black Dress Curve

Diana Prince recognised Kay-I, straight away, as the villager from Chubu, who led Wonder Woman to the module. Ruffled, in a green splashed tank top and matching pants, Kay-I was introduced as Diana’s teammate for the bout.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” said Diana, “I need to leave the hall to call a friend, but I promise I won’t leave you.”

Kay-I wasn’t impressed, “American coward, I shall die in battle.”

Before Diana could reply, they were led out to a cheering audience. The hall was about the size of four tennis courts placed alongside one another. In the centre was a boxing ring; Kimura preferred the ropes to a sumo’s traditional dohyo. He sat with Marsha, who was joined by Taewi Sim – nursing his wound – in the only seating, elevated, at the back of the venue.

Once in the ring, Diana could see making it through the packed floor to the exit would be tough. Although compared to the monstrous Swine, clenching his fists, the alternative was far worse.

“LET THE FIGHT COMMENCE!” the announcer bawled on leaving the ring.

The Swine was startlingly quick for his size, dispersing the two ladies at either end of the ring. Diana tried to keep the concentration on her to protect Kay-I from the savage. However, Kay-I had other ideas, side kicking the momentous lump from behind. He turned in anger, chucking his huge arms out at the girl. If she were caught, her chances of survival would be the equivalent to getting sat on by a squatting elephant.

A path through the crowd to the exit caught Diana’s attention, yet it also caught her off-guard; the Swine managed to catch the end of her dress as she swerved to avoid him. With tremendous power, he jerked Diana into his clutches. Kay-I continued to bravely kick the beast, to little effect, when all his attention lay on biting Diana in the neck.

Her shoulders squeezed in his mighty hands, Diana faced the Swine’s huge mouth looming over her at a 45 degrees angle. She jammed her knees, violently, into his gut. It winded him enough to stall his intention for a second. With her right hand, Diana could just reach the heel of her shoe. As his jaws came in for the kill, she struck the stiletto across the side of the beast’s face. The shock was enough to make even dullest of nerve endings jump. He reflexively wrapped his hands around his jaw, releasing Diana in the process.

“Go for it!” screamed Kay-I, “Get help, I can hold him off.”

Taking her cue, Diana scrambled away up over the ropes. By now the Swine was back on target, managing to grab the end of Diana’s dress once more. Fortunately, this time, the dress tore in two, when he yanked it, creating a wild frenzy in the crowd.

Diana sprinted away to the exit. Guards rushed to block her. She dexterously pushed an onlooker, in their path, and bounded up the stairs. At the top, she was met by the barman from earlier.

“Now, how about that drink, lady,” he said, pointing a handgun at point blank range.

“Why not drink with your friends?” Diana responded.

Twisting his gun hand upwards, she threw the bartender off her shoulder, and down the stairs, colliding with his pursuing colleagues.

Four bouncers entered the bar from the outside exit, investigating the disruption. Now, crouching behind a table, Diana made haste for her freedom.

The entourage of guards chased her on to the streets of Roppongi. Little did they expect Diana to risk getting cornered down the club’s side alley.

Underneath an external staircase, she gracefully spun herself around. A radiant light flashed out of the alleyway.

Wall Transform

The same two guards and the barman, who had just taken a tumble on the stairs, greeted Wonder Woman when she entered the bar. She shoved one rolling into another across an assembly of stools. The bartender, once again, took the honour of gambolling down the staircase at the hands of Diana.

Back in the hall, the Swine finally cornered Kay-I. With every kick, seemingly, ineffective, she was slowly tiring. She tried to spring herself past him via the ropes, but his arm caught her in a vicious headlock. He tore her down on to the canvas. The Swine spread is gigantic body over her, gluing Kay-I in position with his huge flabby gut. His hands fastening hers to the canvass, he could – or so he thought – taste an exposed neck with no further resistance. That would have been the case, if it weren’t for the almighty boot of Wonder Woman rolling him on his side.

“NO!” screeched Taewi Sim.

“Right, I’m out of here,” told Marsha.

“Why?” asked Kimura.

“It’s Wonder Woman, stupid,” she retorted.


All hell broke loose. Black Circle guards shot at Wonder Woman across the hall. Armed criminals, among the spectators, returned fire, believing they were being targeted by the hosts. The audience panicked, cramming the exits to go. Punch-ups ensued between disparate groups. Chaos was everywhere.

Although Diana had no problem deflecting the shots off her bracelets, she still needed to leave the ring to take cover from multiple gunmen. When she glanced at the ring, again, Kay-I was nowhere to be seen. She hoped the girl escaped with the majority of people whom left in earnest.

The last dozen punters returned in a panic.

“FIRE, UPSTAIRS,” one shouted.


Nobody was in any doubt when thick black choking smoke wafted into the hall. Some tried to take water from the bathrooms but, to their horror, these rooms were also alight.

“SOMEBODY HAS DONE THIS TO ME!” shrieked Kimura with tightened fists.

“There’s no time for vengeance, now, Kimura, we have to work together,” said Wonder Woman, “Is there any other way out of here?”

“No, we’re completely trapped. We’re finished.”

“I need you to think, Kimura. This building is on a slope,” Diana observed, “Is the far wall at ground level?”


Yes, maybe, but it’s a solid brick wall.”

“Not to me it isn’t,” replied Wonder Woman.

The toxic smoke formed a dense fog in the room. No-one could see much beyond their noses. People were coughing, screaming to be rescued. Wonder Woman could barely see her way to the wall.

To her surprise, she walked straight into the enormous arms of the Swine. He seized her off the ground by her waist. The wrestler’s grip was as tight as a cobra wrapped around its victim. Only Wonder Woman’s golden girdle prevented the life being squeezed out of her.

Wonder Woman held his jaw away with her hand. In response, he vigorously rammed Diana back against the wall.

“Argh,” she yelled.

Encouraged by Diana’s cry, the giant slammed her into the wall, once more, leaving a dented imprint of her shoulder. As painful as it was, Diana realised she could use her impeded circumstances to her advantage. On the Swine’s third run, Wonder Woman twisted herself to his side, heaving her legs up, horizontally, to the wall. She hit the wall with enough force to breakthrough. The Swine’s momentum took them out into the alleyway, where they scattered over the rubble.

Next out was Kimura, coughing and spitting. In his temper, he pulled out a revolver and fired a single shot to the Swine’s forehead, killing him, instantly.

“The man was a wild animal,” he said.

Wonder Woman rose to her feet.

“Then, what does that make you, Kimura?” she asked, returning inside the hall to help those whom remained trapped.

Faraway in Washington D.C., Steve Trevor received a text message which read: “Diana Prince alive! The Black Circle ablaze. The Monday is safely on its way home.”

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4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #4

  1. Underpromise for overdelivery: THANKS !!! Great action packed chapter. Commnets will follow.

  2. Possibly the most action I’ve written in one chapter. I’m pleased you liked it.

  3. Of course I liked it. As promised questions / considerations.

    1) Marsha: whose side is she on ? Will her patriotic side prevail in the end or is she double-crossing her country ? Will we see a showdown between her and Wonder Woman or Diana will be able to convert her to the “sisterhood of peace” ?

    2) Where is MacIntosh ? Is he going to reappear ?

    3) “the monday is safe …” Is it true ? How it happened … we’ll discover …

    4) Kimura: will he be grateful to Diana ? Will he convert himself ….

    5) Kay-I: is she alive ? Similar question as for Marsha: will she now be able to know who is good or who is bad or, given the chance, she’ll fight Wonder Woman to give her country the coveted object …

    We just have to wait ….

  4. Yeah, so many questions and only two chapters left. Looking at my outline, I’m confident nearly all of them will be answered.

    2. If Macintosh never reappeared, i would be guilty of fairly poor story telling…

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