Wonder Woman in Tokyo #5

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.

Grand Hyatt

05 Let Flow in the Water

After an exhaustive night, Diana Prince was half an hour into a well-deserved rest at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in Roppongi, when she received an emergency call from Washington D.C.

“Hi, Diana, I thought I better touch base with you.”

“Steve,” Diana groggily replied.

“Are you alright?” asked Trevor.

“Fine, apart from being woken at five-thirty in the morning,” she quipped.

“Of course, I’d forgotten the time difference with Tokyo – it’s only three-thirty in Washington.

Anyway, I just wanted to relieve your fears. Marsha has contacted me and it looks like she’s on the level. She’s fixing things so the Monday is shipped back to us, ASP.”

Diana sat up, “I’m still not sure we can trust her, Steve. When I was held at the Black Circle, she appeared pretty close to Kimura.”

Steve assured, “She was in deep cover. Kimura and Marsha go way back. He was the first person Marsha turned to when she arrived in Tokyo.

Look, I know you have your principles – and you two don’t see eye to eye – but we need agents like her who are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

“Including sleeping with the Black Circle’s capo?”

“If everything runs smoothly,” said Trevor, firmly, “I’ll be closing our internal investigation into Marsha Cross’s data sharing activities – and as she now knows you’re alive – I’ll ask Marsha to contact you later in the day.

Get some rest, relax, Diana, I have a feeling Miss Cross has this one covered …”

At brunch, Diana introduced herself to Captain Macintosh at his table.

“Have you replaced Marsha Cross on this case?” he asked, over breakfast, “I haven’t seen her since we were dropped back, in Tokyo, yesterday.”

“No, I’m just here to assist,” said Diana, livelily, “I’m expecting to hear from Marsha, later, today.”

“Captain, does the name Kay-I mean anything to you?”

“Yes, Kay-I and her commander held us up. They took the Monday’s compartment.”

“What is in the compartment that is so sort after?”

“Oh, I have clearance,” she confirmed.

“I know,” he responded, “To put it simply, we’ve been collecting lunar dust.”

“Moon dust?” Diana puzzled.

“Yes, Earth dust is fairly harmless, but the lunar variety is different. It’s incredibly abrasive and fine, used in the right way as a weapon, these particles could penetrate any known armour.”

“And you think other nations know about the Monday’s mission?”

“I’m sure of it,” conceded the captain, “Our network was hacked into a week before the Monday was due to arrive back on Earth.”

“You mean there’s a mole?”

“That’s the biggest probability. It would be difficult to access our systems without insider knowledge.”

Diana’s cell phone buzzed …

“That was Lieutenant Lee,” she informed, “We made contact late last night, after the Black Circle nightclub burnt down. Kay-I is at the station. She has given herself in to the police.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

It would be fair to say the lieutenant was a maverick among his peers. He always wore a garishly loud cream leather jacket wherever he went. He styled himself on Elvis Presley with thick sideburns and a quiff. Wearing shades was a must, no matter what the weather. Above all else, he was fascinated by the States – and in his outrageously extravagant, yellow, 1950s Cadillac convertible, a criminal could see him coming from a mile away.

“Hi to you, again, Miss Prince,” said Lee, on her arrival at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Station, “Who’s the big guy?”

“Oh, this is Captain Macintosh from NASA,” Diana informed.

They shook hands, “Man, you Americans grow tall – must be all the beefcake – watch the stomach, this guy,” advised Lee, patting the captain on the gut.

Macintosh wasn’t impressed, but said nothing.

He led them into an interview room where the petite Kay-I sat, meekly, with her head bowed. It was hard to believe this was the same girl who showed such resilience against the beastly Swine.

“I wish to defect to America,” she told them.

In poignant broken English, Kay-I explained the torment she suffered under orders of Taewi Sim; how he sold his own country out for financial gain. Crucially, she thought the Monday’s compartment was being shipped from Tokyo Port this morning.

Breaking for a coffee, Diana noticed Macintosh was visibly moved by Kay-I’s trauma.

“Poor kid, she’s been through so much,” Diana sympathised.

“It’s a shame she doesn’t know which port terminal,” he replied, stonily, “We can’t allow the Chinese ship to enter international waters with the Monday’s compartment on board.”

“Is that all you care about?”

“No!” refuted Macintosh, sharply, “But all I can deal with is my job.”

“I understand,” said Diana, tapping him lightly on the shoulder, when she received an odd call.

“Oh, no,” she frowned, “It’s a message from Marsha – she’s been kidnapped – but she says the Red Dragon is shipping the box.”

“My car will be quicker,” said Lieutenant Lee, listening in.

“The girl could prove useful, too,” Macintosh responded, thoughtfully.

The Red Dragon

Temporary sirens blazing on the Cadillac, twisting down the streets of Tokyo, Lee certainly lived up to his word.

“We’re in luck,” said Lee, as they approached the dock, “The Red Dragon is still in port.”

The foursome made their way up the gangplank to the ship. The Red Dragon was a small cargo carrier of little distinction, in the process of loading containers on the main deck.

The lieutenant flashed his badge to a crew hand in a sleeveless shirt, who grunted he had to fetch the ship’s captain. As he walked away, Lee, astutely observed the large tattoo emanating from his back.

“He’s yakuza,” he whispered.

“I know,” said Diana, “While they figure out what to do, we’ll begin checking the containers.”

“It’ll be cool – the yakuza’s cool with me,” Lee uneasily persuaded himself, “They know I’m a cop.”

“TAEWI SIM!” yelled Kay-I, pointing up to the ship’s bridge.

A bullet struck the open door of the container, just after Diana had shoved Macintosh inside. A tirade of fire followed. The crew hand sprayed bullets from his submachine gun. Kneeling down on the gangplank, Lieutenant Lee returned – the best he could – with his classic Smith and Wesson automatic.

Macintosh brandished his handgun, “When I leave, Diana, lock yourself in.”

He spring-stepped around the side of the container, and began firing at the bridge. In the heat of the crossfire, Macintosh didn’t notice the large container lowering down from a crane. Just as he was about to be flattened, the miraculous spectacle of Wonder Woman elevating the container on top of another, came as quite a relief to the captain.

Meanwhile, the submachine gun blazing crewman became a little too bold of the door, falling prey to Lee’s pinpoint accuracy.

“This is my chance,” Kay-I told him, “Cover me.”

She sprinted to the ship’s tower. Inside, Kay-I was confronted by another gunman, on the stairs, who she toppled to the ground, faster than he could draw the weapon.

Armed crewmen returning to the vessel made their way along the gangplank, much to Lee’s dismay. As he clambered away, he saw her for the first time – the beautiful star spangled American heroine he had always read about – hoisting the gangplank off the ship. The tangled crewmen piled on top of one another.

The entrance to the bridge was shut when Kay-I approached. A rifle blast splintered out of the door. Kay-I was only superficially wounded, but Sim’s cowardly tactic had taken her by surprise. He stood over his former compatriot with glee.

“The sweetest revenge is simple, huh?” he said, forcing his rifle’s nozzle into Kay-I’s mouth, as she lay in shock.

With a squeeze of the trigger, a bullet ripped through the flesh of Tawei Sim’s shoulder. Macintosh had seen Sim and fired from the staircase below. Kay-I reacted with an instinctive kick into the tormentor’s never-regions. Sim slunk against the wall to the floor.

“You should have killed him,” Kay-I said.

“I tried – I’m a scientist, not a sharpshooter,” admitted Macintosh.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” said Wonder Woman, ready with her lasso.


Under the truth binding influence, Sim led them to the Monday’s compartment sitting in one of the Red Dragon’s storerooms below deck.

“Wonder Woman, I never thought I’d meet you,” mused a starry eyed Lieutenant Lee.

Macintosh inspected the Monday, “Does anybody know where’s Diana went?”

“Oh, Diana’s safe and went for help,” Wonder Woman alluded.

“It’s been opened,” Mackintosh informed, “A small amount of lunar dust has been removed.”

“I have no knowledge of these things,” Sim protested, holding his wounded shoulder, “Now, please, get me to a hospital.”

“First of all you’re going to answer some questions,” Wonder Woman insisted, “Who shot down the helicopter in Chubu?”

“He did this,” spat Kay-I.

“What about Warrant Officer Larry?”

Ya-ya, yes,” Sim spluttered, “I-I, I shot him.”

Macintosh threatened, “I should have killed you while I had the chance.”

“It’s okay,” reassured Diana, “Justice will be served in due course.”

“Do you know what happened to Marsha Cross?” Wonder Woman continued.

“She was found meddling aboard the ship,” Sim said, “Kimura ordered his underboss, Noboru Takei, to escort her to his hideout in the hills. Except …”

“Except, what, Sim?” Wonder Woman probed with a tug of her lasso.

Sim wore a duplicitous smile through his pain, “They’ll never make it,” he said, “Kimura found out Takei burnt down the Black Circle. He plans to bomb the two o’clock express to Nagoya. You’re too late, Wonder Woman, it left about five minutes ago.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” she responded, turning to the others, “I must go – it appears I need to catch a train.”

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #5

  1. Great chapter as always.

    Everything is much clearer now with the exception of the what I consider the biggest question mark: Marsha ….

    Is she really a victim or she will doubledoubledoubledoublecross (it’s in the name) everyone ….

    Could it be that Steve has been fooled by her …. just as in the tv show where he never realized that Marcia (name very similar to Marsha) was a german spy ….

    Once more: great chapter with a lot of reference to the show. You are really good in catching the spirit of the show in your writing ….

  2. I found it quite a tricky chapter to write. Glad you enjoyed it. I do go for the spirit of the TV show, so I’m glad it came through. The final chapter reveals all in about a week and half – Thanks …

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