Wonder Woman in Tokyo #6

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, these stories and characters are my own creations, unless otherwise stated. In my stories Wonder Woman is the only known superhero.


06 Fish to a Cat

From her vantage point on the top of a high-rise, Wonder Woman saw the express to Nagoya, fast approaching. She swept down through a rush of air, landing on a car towards the front end. Diana reached down with her fingers to the carriage door and prized it open. She hung off the train’s side and swung herself inside the vestibule.

Diana peered through the window, down the passenger isle; it looked empty. The automatic door slid open and she proceeded with caution. The sense of a presence, instinctively, led her to throw her arms up to meet the oncoming blow of a samurai.

“You know, you’re repeating yourself, Takei,” said Wonder Woman, after the sword clinked off her right bracelet, “Your men tried the same tactic in Chubu.”

“ラウンド2,” he snarled.

The ninja, viciously, charged at his prey down the length of the carriage. Wonder Woman kept stepping back, absorbing the direct sweeps and lunges with her bracelets.

Diana took the fight to the next vestibule where she was able to sidestep a strike at the doorway. A low kick to the left shin toppled the ninja forwards. Wonder Woman sent the assassin on his way by another vigorous boot up his backside, smashing him through the bathroom door, to where he lay.

“2ゼロ,”Wonder Woman declared with her lasso at hand, “Now, take me to Marsha.”

“I’m right here,” Marsha answered, on entering the vestibule, “I’m so glad you came, Wonder Woman.”

“Marsha, there could be a bomb aboard this train,” warned Diana, “Courtesy of Kimura.”

“The conductor is checking the tickets, working his way up the train, back this way,” Marsha guided with her hand.

“I’ll get the conductor to have the train stopped, safely.” said Diana, “At rest, try to get as many people off as you can in an orderly fashion.”

Wonder Woman finished tying her lasso to Takei and returned to the passenger isle with Miss Cross in tow.

Bullet Train Interior

“Wonder Woman,” Marsha said, “What about this?”

Pressing a switch on her silver belt, a door sprang open from the large buckle. Marsha removed a small silver pistol from the hidden compartment and aimed it directly at Wonder Woman.

“At Last, you’re right where I want you – I booked the entire car for us.” Marsha revealed, “I’ve been kind of depending on you being here, sweetheart.”

“So, I finally get to meet the real Marsha Cross,” said Wonder Woman with her hands braced on her hips.

Diana noticed Marsha was still wearing the dubiously fashioned black cat suit with a protective silver underlining. She examined the gun nozzle facing her; it was made up of hundreds of pin holes, somewhat, similar to a gardening hose. Now, Diana began to realise …

“It was you who removed the lunar dust,” Wonder Woman asserted, “You’re the mole Macintosh suspected.”

“That’s right, babe,” responded Marsha with a flash of her eyebrows, “This prototype shooter fires pure moon dust. One squeeze on the trigger will shred anything in its way to a millions pieces – even you, honey.”

“You don’t know that,” cautioned Wonder Woman.

“No, but you won’t be willing to risk it,” Marsha said, “You see, I’m smart, very smart, I figured Diana Prince would send for you to, heroically, rescue me from the clutches of Takei. It was no trouble at all for Takei to tell Kimura’s new golden boy, Taewi Sim, which train we’d be on. That’s why I led Prince to the Red Dragon, as I fully expected you’d capture wimpy Sim and interrogate him with that weird lasso of yours.”

Diana frowned in puzzlement, “But why would you wish to meet me on a train?”

“Because this is the perfect weapon to use against you on the long, narrow, passages of a train with a load of innocent people to be pulverised.”

“You wouldn’t do that, Marsha,” said Diana, inching forwards, “You’d kill us all – and if there’s anything I’ve learned about you – it’s that you believe in your own self-preservation.”

“Nice try, honey, but I’m standing this side of the gun. It wouldn’t be pleasant, but I’d survive. You might survive, too, with those bracelets of yours – but the passengers won’t – now, hand them over.”

“I’m not sure understand, Marsha?”

“The bling! Give me your bling, bitch!” she ordered.

“You want my bracelets – that’s why you’ve lured me here?”

Marsha threw a black cloth bag in front of them, “Your bracelets, your belt, and tiara – the whole shebang, sista.”

She pulled a crooked smile, “You see I’ve read all about you. When that lovesick chump, Christopher Dalton, requested I dig up every top secret file on you, I got to learn your power – and I thought I’m taking these little gems for myself – I’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to come along. You’ve been out smarted, sista. Now, I won’t tell you again …”

Diana began to reluctantly loosen her bracelets, “What about Kimura’s bomb threat, judging by the expression on your face, when I told you, I’d say this wasn’t in your grand scheme?”

“Yeah, you’re right, Sherlock, I didn’t realise he knew about Takei and me, but his goons don’t know what car we’re in – so I’ll take my chances.”

“Takei and you are in a relationship?” Diana catechized with a smirked, “You certainly get around, Marsha.”

“Stop stalling, bitch!” Marsha snapped, “Before I lose my patience and fire this thing.”

The bracelets clanked one after another into the bag.

“Alright, next your belt,” ordered Marsha.

“Marsha, I couldn’t possibly hand you my girdle – Gaea would be outraged,” explained Diana with a touch of sarcasm.

“Say, who?” Marsha wondered, but she was having none of it, “Just hurry up – and think yourself lucky I’m letting you keep your bustier!” she quipped.

Diana glared back at her through stony blue outrage at the very thought of it – yet she saw no alternative than to detach the intricate links on the rear of her girdle and place the heavenly artifact into the bag.

“Finally, remove your tiara, nice and slowly,” instructed Marsha, “I know what that thing can do.”

As Diana’s fingers reached for the tiara, the chopping noise of rotor blades rumbled overhead. Marsha’s green absorbent eyes couldn’t help but flick to the windows for a curious nanosecond, which was all the time Wonder Woman needed to strike the tiara at her adversary’s gun hand. It may have been a tremendous risk, but one that paid off.

“YOU!” shrieked Marsha, when the tiara struck the gun out of her hand onto the floor.

The two rivals, immediately, locked hands. In a contest of strength, Wonder Woman forced Marsha back onto a seat.

“Well, Marsha, let’s see how tough you are without the gun,” Diana goaded.

Marsha’s attention was elsewhere, “Wonder Woman, that’s Kimura’s helicopter!” she frantically stated.

“Of course,” realised Diana, “Sim said Kimura was ‘to bomb’, not ‘a’ bomb.”

“To hell with this,” cried Marsha, “There’s no way I’m dying here,” she whaled, ramming her knees into Wonder Woman’s diaphragm.

“OH!” cried Diana in pain, springing back against the side of two seats.

Before she had time to recover, Marsha slammed a high chop down on Diana’s left shoulder, which was already sore from her previous night’s encounter with the Swine. Wonder Woman folded to the floor in agony.

“You know, I‘d love to break you up some more,” threatened Marsha, while adding the tiara to her collection, “Perhaps another time, another place.”

The stuttering sound of a heavy machine gun ripped across the sky from left to right. A smashing, panging, clunk crackled the front end of the locomotive. Then, the copter could be heard speeding away.

This dreadful sound of doom returned Diana’s resolve. Marsha was, hastily, placing the lunar dust shooter back in her belt buckle when Wonder Woman tackled her to the floor. For a second, they struggled for a superior hold, until Marsha attempted to heave herself up and away, by using the seat tops for traction. Squatting up on her knees, Wonder Woman took the opportunity to smack her opponent with the most formidable, jaw-cracking, left-hook. Marsha fell hard, concussed, in a state of semi-conscious confusion.

Wonder Woman picked up the bag of her possessions and removed Marsha’s belt from her body.

Diana shook her head, “Oh, Marsha, if ever a woman deserved to get hit,” she said.

Shinkansen Cockpit

An automatic door slid open, and the conductor with some passengers entered the car, in earnest.

“OUT OF THE WAY!” the conductor bawled in Japanese, “I NEED TO GET TO THE DRIVER’S CABIN.”

“WE’RE OUT OF CONTROL!” screamed a young lady, “WE’RE GOING TO CRASH!”

“Please watch this woman, she’s a felon,” Wonder Woman told them, putting Marsha on the nearest seat.

Diana reattached her girdle and bracelets along the way to the engine. At the driver’s cabin, the door was still locked. Wonder Woman booted it in, just as the train hit a tight bend.

Inside the cabin, the unfortunate driver sat lifeless, but there was no time to mourn when the speeding bullet-train started to career off the tracks.

“THE BRAKES ARE NOT WORKING!” hollered the conductor.

“The controls are shot through,” observed Diana, “There may be only one way …”

The train veered off the bend of the tracks straight into the dense forest that lay in wait.

“NO!” screeched the conductor.

“GET DOWN!” Diana shouted.

Wonder Woman took Marsha’s pistol from the belt buckle, and held it out in front of her at a slight downward angle. She squeezed the trigger, releasing millions of lunar dust particles, whooshing fourth, penetrating every obstacle along the way.

When the train hit the trees, they, in effect, disintegrated to dust on contact. Every carriage rocked side to side, shuddering along after the engine. Fowled tree tops banged off cars, denting the roofs, and shattering windows, to the horror of those aboard. The undergrowth, eventually, slowed the runaway until it halted in a jerky cessation.

The crash left a trail of deforestation along the route of that the train had taken. The millions of lunar dust particles left behind a covering of wood dust, which the bullet train had ploughed through. When passengers began to emerge from the wreckage, some were cut, some bruised, in shock, but all of them were still alive thanks to Wonder Woman – much to Diana’s annoyance one person went missing …


“It’s a shame she got away,” said Steve Trevor, the following evening, “Marsha Cross has a lot to answer for. I for one owe you an apology, Diana.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Steve, Marsha Cross is a very devious woman,” replied Agent Prince from the American Embassy, “But with the Japanese authorities, us, and even the yakuza on her tail – it shouldn’t be long before justice catches up with her – one way or another.”

“Let’s hope so, Diana, because somebody who knows as many state secrets as she does makes a very dangerous criminal. Talking of which, what about Kimura?”

“Well, if there’s anything satisfying to come out of this situation, it’s that the Black Circle gang have lost their position in Tokyo. It seems Kimura struck a deal to replace two-timing Takei for treacherous Sim. Instead, they’re both ended up in custody, and the Black Circle has been condemned for the train crash, even among the yakuza.”

“Amen to that,” said Trevor.

“Oh, got to go, Steve, Kay-I has returned.”

“Good news,” Macintosh revealed, “Kay-I has been granted special permission to stay in the US while they start the preliminary proceedings for citizenship.”

“Great news!” agreed, Diana, placing her arm around Kay-I, “You can fly to Washington with me.”

“Thank you so much, Diana, but I have already agreed to stay with Captain Macintosh in Virginia, USA.” explained Kay-I.

“Oh, I see,” said Diana, tapping her glasses, whilst glimpsing at a blushing Captain.

“If that arrangement is alright with you?” he inquired.

Gazing through the window at the night sky, Diana beamed, “Captain, I’m over the moon about it …”





15 thoughts on “Wonder Woman in Tokyo #6

  1. First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. You really deserve our thanks for all the effort you put in your works

    Second: computerwise I am a jerk (and a lazy one) but I promise that next year I’ll to to create an avatar for me to partecipate in the debate.

    Third: another propoasl for the new year, even if I know that I’ll never be able to do it (time constraints and fear not to be able to produce a decent output). I would like to try writing some Wonder Woman stories. Of course I will not overlap with the current series so I am thinking to concentrate on the world war II period

    Now let’s commnet on the story:

    – if it’s possibile maybe even better that “wonder woman in rome”. If you will continue like this you could really think about proposing for the next Wonder Woman tv series. Looks really like a professional work

    – once agin plenty of tv show reference (Dianaìs punch to the jaw, Steve’s admission on Marsha ..) showing the great knowledge of a truly Wonder Woman fan

    – also other tv series reference. The train fight reminded me a lot “a funyy thing happened on the way to the station” (I’ll loook on youtube for a link) where Emma Peel (tv avengers) has not one but two fight with villainesses

    Now the last question: where is Wonder Woman next stop ? Please give us some anticipation about your new years’ ideas ….

  2. Hello,

    I didn’t mean, necessarily, create avatar, leaving a name at the bottom of the post would be a simple method. Anyway, it isn’t an issue on this story, so far, as I’m pretty sure you’re my only commentator, which I thank you for.

    If you wish to write Wonder Woman stories, yeah, go for it! Unfortunately, I don’t own Wonder Woman’s copyright!

    I’m so glad you think I’m continuing to get better. My writing style has improved a lot since I started. I’d, personally, order them as 1, Rome 2, Tokyo, 3, Paris 4, London.

    Next on my mind are these profiles and zips I said I’d do. No thoughts on future stories yet…


  3. Hello,

    I’ll try to follow your encouragement and give my best shot to a story.

    One quick question: according to your view (and in your stories), without her magic belt Wonder Woman possess super powers or not ?

  4. Hi,

    This is the type of question I was going to further answer in my profile section, Many fans incorrectly think the origin of the magic girdle/belt is in the TV series, but the girdle was in the comics prior to the TV show. The TV show utilized the idea well. I think it’s nearly as iconic as Diana’s TV transformation.

    As I liked the girdle, I compromised, which I genuinely believe is the best solution for the character. My Wonder Woman, then, uses the Golden Girdle of Gaea for added strength. Without the girdle, as in the final chapter, above, she is a lot weaker, but still Amazonian – and not to be messed with – as Marsha found out to her cost!

    I imagine the girdle to be far more bulky and metal looking than the belt used in the TV show. In addition, people being able to just rip it off her, like it’s only attached by Velcro, isn’t the case in my stories. As I described, Diana had to unlink the girdle to remove it.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Thanks clear, precise and, as expected, with a touch of originality. Good job.

  6. This was a very good WW story thanks for sharing.

  7. Another good news: last “anonymous” comment was not mine (I promise I’ll work on an alias next year). So I’m not the only one who has commented the story !!!

  8. Yes, I never thought the poster was you, but you see the potential confusion with no names! I feel lucky for all the comments I do get; every one has been so generous. Thankfully, I seem to have – so far – avoided spammers and trolls…

  9. Dear Author we wish you a Wonderful Christmas !!!

  10. Have the best Christmas and New Year!

  11. Hello, happy new year. I hope everything is well for all and especially for the Author. Just wanted to touch base and pose a couple of fast question.

    1) Another one on the belt issue. Clear without the belt Wonder Woman is much weakest than with the belt. But where does she stands in her Diana Prince identity ? At the same level of the unbelted Wonder Woman or at a lower one (i.e. a normal woman whose strength is determined only by her size and fitness) ?

    2) How is your work proceeding ? Always committed to profiles ? Other planned profiles besides Wonder Woman ? Any disclosure for your next story ?

    As far as I am concerned I’am still trying to figure out how and what exactly I could write. Honestly speaking still a long way ahead before something could became concrete.


  12. Hello, happy new year to you, too.

    You ask the same question I had to answer to myself, a while ago. I decided Diana Prince only has the physical abilities of a normal person because she wanted to live, honestly, among the people. Therefore, Diana Prince is weaker in many ways than Wonder Woman missing her girdle.

    I’m afraid I haven’t started the profiles yet. I think I’m going to gradually build them.

    The next story will be titled Wonder Woman in Boston and should be a spooky read. I don’t know when the first chapter will go up because I have a lot going on at the moment.

    Thanks for your interest.

  13. Basically, a ghost story.

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